How to Pick the Right Food for your Dog?

Proper nutrition is one of the critical aspects of dog food. A good diet is an essential factor in keeping a dog healthy. One can come across a plethora of dog food options at pet stores. Thus, picking the right dog food is challenging. Opinions and views about the nutrition of canine food differ among dog owners, vets, breeders, trainers, and so on. One needs to consider elements like the type of dog food, quality of ingredients used, cost, etc. while choosing the best type of canine nutrition. It is further suggested that one must carry out thorough research to make informed decisions about the dog’s diet.

Educating About Nutritional Options

One will find a wide array of information about dog food nutrition online. It is suggested to be cautious as every piece of available information online is not reliable. Consulting with a veterinarian or a veterinary nutritionist is the best resource. Commercial dog food is available either in dry or wet form. Some of them are also available in dehydrated forms that need to be added to water before feeding. Before shopping at pet stores, it is always better to research the type of diet that suits the dog and feed accordingly.

Reading Food Labels

AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) has prescribed a standard dog and puppy nutritional level necessary for their overall well-being. It is reflected in the dog food products available at pet stores. The information on the dog food labels gives an idea of the content of the food package. Furthermore, dog owners must be aware of misleading information and avoid buying excessively chemically-laden dog food. It is better to avoid dog food containing an excess of soy, corn, and wheat on the label.

Introducing New Diet

Many experts recommend changing diets every four to five months, especially when commercial dog food is fed. This indicates changing to a new dog food company, as several canine species can benefit from the change. Whether feeding homemade dog food or a commercial diet, it must be well-balanced and full of nutrients. Feeding the same kind of food can be boring for the dog, and he/she might refuse to consume it after a certain period. Hence, introducing a new diet can help one get an insight into the dog’s favorites. Furthermore, one can also learn about food allergies and avoid those items in the future.

Asking Others About Dog Food

Apart from one’s research. Asking others and seeking their opinions on dog food is a good idea. Asking the veterinarian is the first place to begin, followed by dog groomers, trainers, breeders, etc. The local pet stores can also greatly assist in providing diet-related information. Seeking opinions and recommendations from other pet owners are also helpful. There might be conflicting advice that will come one’s way, but acting according to the dog’s needs must be the priority.


The needs of individual dogs vary, as do their diet and nutritional intake. Hence, it is highly recommended that one conduct thorough research on different dog foods before buying from pet stores and feeding the canine friend. Finding the right dog food is challenging. But with proper research and knowledge, one can introduce the right food habits for his/her pet dog.

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