How To Send Money To Bangladesh And Win?

ACE Money Transfer is actively evolving the remittance sector by integrating international transfer operations. In this era of instant change, all countries must be equipped adequately with digital platforms to improve the safety and advancement of their populations. As a result, ACE offers the best online money transfer services to its customers.

Customers can send money to Bangladesh using ACE Money Transfer’s digital mobile wallet service, which is safe, simple, and quick. ACE helps you send money to Bangladesh through the internet and send it immediately to the recipient’s bank account.

Send money to Bangladesh with ACE Money Transfer: 

ACE Money Transfer is more trustworthy than you might think. It has become the go-to option for anyone who needs to make a simple money transfer in any situation.

You can transfer money to Bangladesh through several companies, some of which you can be familiar with and others you are not. When sending money to Bangladesh, you must be cautious and choose a reputable company, which you can find with ACE Money Transfer.

Money Transfer using the Website: 

  • Create an online account with ACE at 
  • It’s very easy, quick, and secure.
  • Include details about the person who will be receiving the cash.
  • To complete your money transfer, use their secure payment channels.
  • And your money is sent to Bangladesh promptly.

Money Transfer Using an App:

  • You can send money from anywhere, at any time, using their mobile app.
  • When transferring money to Bangladesh online, you have several options for payment. They provide simple and quick ways to send money to family and friends.
  • To make a payment, you can use a debit card, a credit card, or a bank account.

Money transfer using bKash Mobile Wallet:

ACE Money Transfer is always searching for new methods to improve its customers’ experiences and fulfil its commitments. Customers can now send money to Bangladesh using the bKash Mobile Wallet, which offers the best possible service. 

If you want to send money to Bangladesh quickly, safely, and securely, choose the bKash option.

Win different Prizes with ACE Money Transfer

You can win a brand new Honda Livo bike and a lot more with ACE Money Transfer. Salam Bangladesh is a peace-promoting program in Bangladesh. Send money to Bangladesh, and you will be included in a weekly drawing for an iPhone 12 Pro, as well as a monthly drawing for a brand new Honda Livo Bike.

  • The Promotion will run from September 1, 2021, to November 30, 2021. The lucky draw will be held for all cash pickups, wallet transactions, and bank deposit transactions completed within the specified time frames. Once a week, a lucky draw will be held.
  • The receivers will win Honda Livo Bikes, while the senders will win iPhone 12 Pros. The sender can choose someone in Bangladesh to accept the bike on their behalf. Only paid transactions will be eligible for the lucky draw. Make any quantity of trades every day to increase the number of entries.
  • The winner of the Honda Livo bike is liable for any personal, advance, and/or withholding tax imposed by local tax regulations due to the incentives obtained via this contest, and ACE assumes no responsibility for this. ACE will contact the winners through email or telephone.
  • The firm has all rights to use the information of the winners for promotional reasons. The dates listed can be changed at the firm’s discretion. This deal is non-transferable and is not convertible for cash.


Ace Money Transfer is committed to offering you cheap exchange rates, enabling many customers to perform safe online transactions regularly. Because they place their faith in them, their most valuable asset is their devoted customers. ACE provides a far more complete service, making it the fastest way to send money to Bangladesh.

ACE Money Transfer is known for offering incredible incentives to its customers. Subscribe to ACE’s Website to receive updates on forthcoming prizes and deals.

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