How to Watch or Stream Pakistan Cricket Live Match Online

It’s now news; how Pakistanis love cricket, it’s the most popular game in the country. And being a loved game in the country, the Pakistani cricket team is well known in the world of cricket for being a fierce competitor, having won various cricket world cups.

For cricket fans in Pakistan, seeing the game of cricket isn’t something they joke about; most often, “how can I watch cricket live online” is a question that gets asked by cricket fans in Pakistan. And search for sites like bet365 review offering predictions on cricket matches is well searched for more frequently.

So watching live cricket is as important as the game itself. If you prefer to watch live cricket online, which is nice, there are many websites and apps you can watch live cricket through your phone, smart TV, Laptop or computer. Below is a list of sites and apps you can watch live cricket from:

Cricket World

A super cricket fan keenly interested in live cricket matches would love Cricket World because it exclusively offers live cricket for free. It has an intuitive interface; users can easily understand it to access the site well enough. Along with enjoying live matches, you also want live score updates.

Tapmad App

If you’re a sports fan, this app is one you can enjoy sports. It is a Pakistani platform that gives its subscribers access to many contents, including live cricket. You can watch live matches on the App, and it’s free to download. You get access to live scores, not just games, but pay a small token for premium content. It’s more like having a live TV in your pocket, with more than 100 channels. Live TV Free Streaming is another app to enjoy live cricket; it’s a live tv platform that offers vast arrays of entertainment, ranging from news, movies, entertainment and sports. All are available for download on Apple App Store and Google Play store. More so, you can watch PSL for free on the App. You can watch Pakistan Super League 6 edition matches with channels like PTV Sports or Geo Super.

Jazz TV

Jazz TV provides its users with live TV service for a low price. The service has over 60 channels; some offer live cricket. It offers a free seven day trial for first-time users. The App is downloadable from the Google Play store; if you’re an android user or App Store.

SonyLiv: PSL Live Streaming App

SonyLiv offers live cricket to users in Pakistan; although not for free, you can subscribe to access live cricket. What’s more fun about enjoying live cricket with SonyLiv is that you get access to all the latest news regarding cricket. Along with gaining access to Live Matches, you also have access to live scores and updates on ongoing matches.


It’s a reliable site for watching cricket with a simple user interface. It offers strictly live cricket, and it’s nice for super cricket fans. To enjoy live cricket, click on the link to any live match you wish to watch.


CriBuzz offers a vast array of services for cricket fans alongside watching live cricket matches. These services include live scores, match schedules, articles and updates on everything cricket. The App is free for download on the Google play store.


CricHD offers live cricket to its users, and it’s amongst the popular websites providing live cricket. All its matches are in high definition. You get to watch live games from different regions.


If you’re a super cricket fan, you must have heard of ESPNcricinfo, a popular site that offers live cricket. It provides the latest updates, scores and news on cricket.


WebCric is a popular site for all cricket lovers. It offers domestic and international cricket matches. You can enjoy matches from across the globe and even stream games in different languages.


However, there are numerous sites to enjoy live cricket; selecting a service to watch live cricket with other services like score updates and news is fun and enjoyable to stream live cricket from any electronic device.

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