Impressive Health Benefits of Proflavanol C100: the Perfect Vitamin C for Skin

Grapefruit is one of the most beneficial fruits, and health professionals often prescribe it for your body system’s overall wellness. Thanks to its healthy bioflavonoids, grapefruit is sufficiently rich in antioxidants, including anthocyanins and phenolic acids.  Due to its increased antioxidants level, it is a soldier that supports the body. Grapefruits naturally have rich antioxidant properties.

Now, when you combine the high level of grapefruit antioxidants with Ascorbic acid-vitamin C, you have a complete provision of antioxidants with an enhanced level of efficacy that not only supports the biological activities of these fruits but helps maintain your organs and skin. Proflavanol C100 by USANA, a specially formulated vitamin C for skin,  offers that to your body.

Proflavanol C100 is a unique blend of essential nutrients that supports your skin with advanced antioxidants protection and maintains a healthy immune system. Proflavanol C100 is the best vitamin C for skin as it brilliantly combines grapefruit and vitamin C, manufactured by USANA’s innovative Nutritional Hybrid Technology, that supports your body cells’ protection.

Antioxidants fight off free radicals that can cause oxidative stress and maintain the health of your organs. With the right vitamin C for skin, you can be sure your cells are secure and their integrity is always maintained.

That’s why your body needs a sufficient level of antioxidants to keep the level of this free-radical in check always. And where else do you get that if not from the impressive Proflavanol C100 by USANA

Proflavanol C100 is not just offering you one source of antioxidants; instead, it is offering your body two potent antioxidants combined in a two-layer tablet.

Look at some health benefits of this amazing product below.

Optimal Support For Your Cardiovascular System

The cardiovascular system does more than pumping blood throughout the body. It is responsible for transporting oxygen, nutrients, waste products, and other essential compounds through the body in the blood.

Right at the core of this energy-demanding activity is your heart. Your heart is the muscular pump at the center of this circulation. Hence, your heart must be at its best at all times to keep the whole circulation process flowing smoothly.

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Proflavanol C100 by USANA provides optimum support for your heart muscle. Also, it maintains a healthy and normal blood pressure that is already in the normal range, thereby keeping you healthy at all times.

More so, Proflavanol C100 does this excellent work of keeping cardiovascular health due to proanthocyanidins from grapes and the amazing vitamin C. Keep your cardiovascular system supple and safe from oxidative damage with Proflavanol® C100.

Supports The Production Of Immune Cells

Your immune system has just a single duty: to keep your organs and body cells safe from infections and microbial attack. Your immune system contains mainly your immune cells. The former can’t function without the latter.

When you support these cells with the right nutrient, they become healthy and vibrant.

Proflavanol C100 supports your immune system. It does this in two basic ways:

Firstly, the bioflavonoids in grapefruits support your immune system’s effectiveness by maintaining effective cell-to-cell communication of your immune cells.

Vitamin C supports the healthy production of white blood cells and antibodies. The white blood cells, lymphocytes and Phagocytes, are some of the most important immune cells. For you to stay healthy, the white blood cells must be active and perfectly working.

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