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Today, there are many brands that have benefitted from search engine optimization and especially link building and Guest posting service. But all of them had a clear plan in mind about how to go about and what they had to achieve over a specific period of time. For basic idea, one needs to take help from SEO professionals and it is pretty tough task for them to carry out the process. But there are so many companies providing services that it gives some relief if we know someone who is into this particular field. I personally recommend Activeseoshield, they are experts in digital marketing and provide gamut of services as link building, content, guest posting and many others. 

The way forward

With the right kind of strategy one can position his business as a leader in market, get more traffic as well and overall increase the reputation of the brand. One need to find right guest posting opportunities and at relevant place. There are some criteria to follow while searching for blogs for guest posting:

  • Content should of same category/segment or niche
  • Blog should have engaged readership or audience 
  • Blog owner is a go to person and has active social media accounts
  • Blog should match with your ideology of your business

So, for example if you have book reviewing website, connect with those who provide book recommendations and book on rent and on similar lines. Do not go beyond your circle. If you know any famous or popular blogger for your niche, that is best as it would help to bring large pool of audience to your site and would help you grow from it. Once you have narrowed down to the bloggers, prepare a pitch describing your business and how you want to make it large. In short, make him/her understand that you have a serious goal for your venture and you want to achieve it by doing it. With all this, side by side look how other guest posts are doing. 

Although a blog can include guest writers, the question is whether or not the guest bloggers are successful. Will the site’s guest articles earn the same amount of feedback and social networking as the owner’s blogs? Some websites welcome guest posts, however if the viewer is only interested in the content creator, you may struggle to gain authority or drive traffic back to your site. You’ll need to get some attention from the blog owner first to improve your chances of being accepted as a guest blogger. The best way of doing this is to comment on their most recent posts for a week or two.

Once you are acquainted with the guest blogger, ask him to guest post on your site and provide links to different relevant sources. This in a way would help traffic movement and that is beneficial in long term. In return, you can also guest post on his/her site if required and what’s better than growing mutually in the same field?

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