Injured in a Car Accident? Let Your Attorney Handle Communications with the Insurance Adjuster 

If you have been injured in a car crash, you must speak to an experienced injury attorney before you communicate with the insurance company. By having an idaho car accident attorney on your side, you increase your chances of getting the full and fair compensation you deserve. Your attorney will give advice on why you must not say anything to an insurance claims adjuster until you speak with them. Also, they can review your case without obligation. 

What to Do After Suffering from a Car Accident Injury

After you are injured in a car crash, you should get yourself examined by a doctor. Also, you must report the accident to the local police. Waiting too long before reporting your accident or visiting a doctor could hurt your claim’s value. Insurance companies could use this delay as a reason to devalue or deny your claim. When you communicate with an insurance company, make sure to provide them with only basic information like when and where the crash took place. Avoid giving a recorded or written statement. 

Rather, you must allow your attorney to handle all communication with anyone from the other side including their attorney and the insurance adjuster. Otherwise, you could make mistakes in your statement that could you cost you substantial compensation. A great attorney knows what to say and what not to say to maintain the value of your claim.

How Insurers Will Try to Handle Your Claim

Insurance companies will assign a claims adjuster to handle your injury claim. This adjuster will use bad faith tactics to try to devalue or deny your claim. You must be aware of these tactics to avoid getting caught off-guard. 

One of the common tactics an adjuster may use is to contact you right after the crash. They want to get you to say something that may not be favorable for your claim before you can speak with a lawyer and understand your rights. The insurance representative may seem friendly and helpful. In fact, they may tell you that working with a lawyer is not necessary. But, if you want to pursue full compensation for your damages, you should not listen to them. 

Moreover, the adjuster may also request a written or recorded statement from you, saying it’s their way of helping you receive compensation. But, the law does not require you to do this. When an adjuster makes such a request, just tell them to contact your attorney to get the answers they need. 

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