Internet Advertising that Every Business Should Use

Online advertising continues to be one of the fastest growing areas of marketing along with video marketing and content management for websites. This is because more and more users are replacing traditional entertainment and information media to choose to find what they need on the Internet. describes the types of online advertising that you can apply?

There are many ways to use online marketing to advertise your business. The Internet has resized the concepts of marketing, from word of mouth, through print advertising or local advertising, everything has changed.

Now, a good marketing plan begins with developing a strategy that answers a why before determining the how. Identifying the needs of your audiences and then discovering how you can meet them as a business to profit is a smarter approach than traditional product-only advertising.

Keep in mind that when we talk about Internet advertising we are not only referring to advertisements, we are also talking about the content, the emails that are part of an email marketing strategy and, of course, paid advertisements. All of these tactics will help you get incredible results that will add to your sales strategy.

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These are some of the aspects in which resorting to this type of platform will be useful for you.

  • A greater number of sales and traffic to your website
  • Multiply brand visibility and notoriety
  • Reach new markets
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Rescue lost conversions
  • Optimal short-term results
  • Direct conversions

Types of online advertising

  1. Search Engine Marketing

Choosing and choosing when to display the advertising of your product or service based on the search for keywords has become the linchpin of the world of advertising.

Never before has it been possible to target only those who are in your target audience, this has enhanced local advertising by providing new opportunities. Even better, this advertising model only charges you when someone clicks on your ad, so the more specific your marketing targeting, the better.

To do this, you will need to work with a specialist in obtaining costs per click, or a marketing company that works hand in hand with the purchase of digital advertising in search engines, to implement the campaigns based on your budget.

  1. Content Marketing or Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is often referred to by the marketplace as content marketing, which is valid because it allows you to solve your customers’ problems through content creation, consolidating your experience, and keeping you as their company of choice. Similar to SEO, content marketing draws users to your content.

However, Content Marketing and Inbound Marketing have differences, they are not the same. You could say that the first is a subset of the second. Content Marketing is an essential part of the Inbound Marketing process, but the latter is much more and you can discover it here: What is Inbound Marketing and why use it today?

  1. Mobile marketing

Who does not have a smartphone today? But, in addition, who does not live hooked, to a greater or lesser extent, to his mobile through his email or social networks? Everyone! This is why mobile-oriented digital advertising is so relevant.

It is undoubtedly the best way to reach users wherever they are. National or local advertising has given way to global advertising: wherever someone has a smartphone, your ads can reach it. Therefore, knowing the mobile marketing tools that are applicable to your business will help you optimize your strategy.

If you want to target your advertising to mobiles, you must bear in mind that user behavior in this medium is different from that of a computer. Choose a responsive web template and adapt the design and content of your landing page to the maximum. Go for direct and short messages, neutral colors and buttons with clear and proportionate calls to action. Remember to always be consistent with your brand image.

Learn the basics of online marketing by enrolling in a free Digital Marketing Basics Course and create your own strategies.

  1. Advertising with Facebook Ads

Facebook today more than ever is one of the main options you should consider when investing in advertising. In fact, it stands out above other platforms for offering the advertiser segmentation filters that allow you to reach people with specific personal characteristics such as: age, education, relationship status, job position, behaviors and specific interests. If you are clear about your ideal client, based on the defined Buyer Persona, you can obtain great results using this platform.

Designing a good advertising strategy in Facebook Ads is key to obtaining results that reach your content. This strategy must be thought in advance and be very clear to whom it will be directed to be successful.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make sales, as it relies on outsourcing a sales staff to users who are selling your product for a small commission per sale.

In advertising through affiliate platforms or affiliate marketing, 3 roles come into play: the advertiser, the webmaster and the intermediary who puts them in contact. The affiliate platform represents the third role, and helps brands and people who have websites, to reach an economic agreement to show their ads.

Of course, as you can imagine, the platform takes a percentage of the profits. This type of advertising has lost followers because the trend is to turn your website into your own affiliate platform where the customer gets everything he needs.

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  1. Online Videos

Video marketing is a great way to make your product or service even more real to those who visit your website. Customer testimonials, product descriptions and demonstrations are some of the audiovisual content that you can target to generate greater engagement among users with your brand. Keep in mind that a well-made and correctly titled video can generate quite positive SEO positioning, share and engagement.

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