Is 5000 Litres tank a Good Water Harvesting Tank

5000 litre tank is a tank that is used for transporting water for drinking, construction, storing agricultural and industrial water, and also harvesting rainwater. In this article, we,’re going to discuss some of the questions asked about this tank.

This tank is most preferred since it stores a large amount of water. Storage of water is not as simple as people think. Different kinds of tanks are most preferred because of the amount of water they store. People stored water in containers that made the water unsafe for drinking. Water tanks are of different types depending on the amount of water they hold.

What are the types of 5000 litres tanks?

  1. Horizontal water tank
  2. Transport browser water tank
  3. Baffled slimline
  4. Vertical

Features of a 5000 litres water tank

  1. Height of 2.3m
  2. 4 flat areas around the top of the tank where inlets and overflows are mounted.
  3. Diameter of 1.9m

Some of the factors to consider while selecting this tank

  1. The type of material
  2. The shape of the tank
  3. The place to install it
  4. Purpose of purchasing the tank
  5. The durability of the tank
  6. Warranty factors

The size of the lid of this 5000 litres tank

To tank has a 620mm diameter screw plastic lid. The lid is non-vented to prevent the entry of insects and dust particles into portable water. This differentiates it from the rainwater tank which has a vented lid.

Are rainwater filters for the 5000 litres available?

The rainwater harvesting filters for these tanks are available. The filters prevent the moss and leaves from entering the tank to save the sediment in the tank from building up. The filters have 2 inlets to

How is a 5000-litre tank transported from one place to another?

The tank is transported from one place to another by a small truck or a bin size lorry.

The cost of purchasing a 5000litre tank in Kenya

5000 litre tank price in Kenya is relatively high due to the features of the tank and most importantly the amount of water it holds is high.

The size of the base for the 5000 litre tank to sit on

It is advisable to sit your tank on a surface that is smooth, firm, level and that can support the tank firmly. The best solution on where to sit your tank is on a reinforced concrete base since it ensures the tank is secure and has stood firm.

The recommended size of the base is 600mm larger than the dimensions of your tank.

Applications of this 5000litres tank

Used in agriculture

Used in water treatment plants

Used in harvesting rainwater

Used for the domestic and commercial purposes

Used for food-grade chemical storage

Used to store water outdoor and indoor


Water tanks in Kenya are of different materials, sizes, shapes, and applications of the tank. The most preferred tanks now in Kenya are those that are made of plastic. This is due to the reason that the plastic tanks have high durability, its affordable, and are easy to install. Due to the discussed questions, it is worth purchasing the 5000 litre tank

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