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Have you ever encountered PDF pages that were saved in the wrong position yet you have little time left to adjust them? It could happen to anyone. But the difference now is that you have an ally to back you up, especially when you have an upcoming meeting or presentation that requires the use of PDF documents.

Explore GogoPDF’s Online Tool Offers

GogoPDF’s  rotate PDF can immediately help you rotate your PDF files. Their rotate PDF tool is useful for those who are under time pressure and need results instantly. Within a short period of time, your PDF will be rotated to the correct angle and position. Then you can present the PDF at your meeting or conference to back up your other documents.

Benefits of Using The Rotate PDF Tool 

For one thing, it can be very costly to purchase PDF software if all you need it for is to rotate PDF. It is not ideal  to buy right away because you’d still have to take time to understand and use the many commands of such third-party software. Can you possibly learn that fast if you’re under time pressure to deliver results?

This tool can be used not just for your personal PDFs but also for PDFs shared by your colleagues, teammates, and even your superiors at work. High school and college students could also benefit from using this tool for their term papers and research papers. This tool can be useful for as long as you will be using PDFs in your work.

How to Use the Rotate PDF Tool

First of all, you will need a stable Internet signal which you can connect to your computer. If you don’t have a laptop or desktop computer, you can use other devices that can connect to the strong Internet signal. This means your tablets and mobile devices can be used for PDF rotation as well.

Next, make sure you have a power source in that area where the signal is strong enough. The last thing you want is for your device to go low battery just when the rotate PDF is being done. Make sure the power will last for as long as the rotate PDF is taking place.

You don’t need to download any new operating system or browser just for this rotate task. The cloud service is accessible on Linux, Mac, and Windows. The browsers accepted are Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Google Chrome. If you’re using other OS or browsers though, you can check if the cloud service works on those too.

You can drag and drop the appropriate PDF document into the right field within the cloud service. Or you can upload it manually. You may then click on the right command and the rotate PDF process will commence.

There are four choices when it comes to rotate PDF:

  • Rotate 90 degrees
  • Rotate 180 degrees
  • Rotate clockwise
  • Rotate counterclockwise

This gives you some flexibility when it comes to the orientation of the PDF page.

Incidentally, you may rotate just one page at a time but you can also choose to rotate multiple pages during the same process. If you need to rotate all the pages via one process, that’s doable too with this tool.

The good news about this tool is that you don’t have to worry that other people will get their hands on the content of your PDFs. Your privacy is of utmost concern so the system will just count to 60 minutes then completely delete any and all of your PDFs. Not even a single letter, symbol, or punctuation mark will be retained.

Other GogoPDF Online Tools

One benefit of signing up with is that you can make use of the other tools on the site. One subscription will cover all those tools and you don’t have to buy separate software for each and every PDF file conversion task. So it pays to learn what other tools the cloud service is offering to online netizens.

There are different categories of tools under GogoPDF:

  • Convert to PDF
  • Convert from PDF
  • Split & Merge
  • Convert & Compress
  • View & Edit
  • Sign & Security


Not everyone will need the GogoPDF tools right away. But if your experience has taught you well, you know there will be times when you’ll need to rotate PDF quickly. And now you can even try out other GogoPDF tools as well while you’re on the site. One subscription entitles you to use any of the other tools as often as you wish.

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