Know When Your Arthritis is Concerning 

Inflammation and degeneration of joints are called arthritis. The most common sites being affected are feet, hands, hips, and knees. A Las Vegas arthritis specialist can guide you with the treatment options for arthritis.

Arthritis broadly indicates more than 100 different joint conditions, some of which include: 

  1. Osteoarthritis: When joint cartilage breaks after increased stress-causing arthritis.
  2. Juvenile arthritis: in this disease, the immune system attacks the tissue around joints.
  3. Gout: Accumulation of crystals of uric acid in joints causes gout.

When is your arthritis concerning? 

  1. Pain: Persons with arthritis feel a burning sensation near the affected area and feel severe pain after using the hand more than usual.
  2. Stiffness: Patients suffering from arthritis commonly feel stiffness in the joints, which is unbearable for the patient.
  3. Swelling: Tissue and cartilage in the body are designed to protect the delicate joint. The joint under stress or is damage causes swelling.
  4. Redness: When the skin becomes red and irradiates heat during arthritis, the patient needs to consult a doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.
  • Difficulty in movement: The patient is unable to move the inflamed organ and causes severe tenderness in the joint.
  • Joint symptoms: Patients who are observing the symptom of arthritis frequently need to consult the doctor.
  • Color change: If you notice a change in color of the skin from red to black, the patient suffering from arthritis needs to consult a doctor as it might indicate the morphological characteristic of getting necrosis(permanent, irreversible cell death of the tissue.
  1. Cracking sound: The accumulation of nitrogen bubbles at the site of the inflamed area produces a cracking sound while moving the tendon or muscle.
  2. Joint deformity: People with arthritis have a weakening in the tissue and ligament, which causes deformity of the joint. If the deformation increases, the patient needs to consult the doctor to get treatment.
  3. Bone spurs: People suffering from osteoarthritis have bony overgrowths; these overgrowths disturb the joint and may cause inflammation.
  4. Cyst formation: Patients having arthritis in their hands have tiny fluid-filled sacs of mucous, which appear as ridges on the fingers, which causes pain and discomfort in movement.
  • Grinding in joints: In arthritic joints, the cartilage which covers and cushions the healthy joint Is worn away and gives the patient a grinding sensation in the joints.

If you have any of the complications mentioned above, you may consult your doctor for further guidance as neglecting these signs can lead to severe problems in the future. 

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