Landing On The Ideal Wardrobe Is Just 7-Steps Away!

Looking at the closet must be like arriving in an environment that helps to reduce stress and improve mental health. An ideal Wakefit wardrobe is an essential piece of furniture that will help organise the bedroom and keep it tidy. This will not only help in enhancing sleep but also create a clutter-free sanctuary. With suitable storage, it is essential to choose the right wardrobe, and here we have the top tips to consider on how to land on the perfect wardrobe for any bedroom in just seven steps. An utterly functional wardrobe can be of various sizes, shapes and forms but must necessarily fall under the below-mentioned aspects:

7 Steps To Choose The Right Wardrobe

There are numerous wardrobes like a freestanding, fitted, two-door, three-door, sliding door, and mirrored. The seven essential steps to choose the perfect wardrobe for any home includes:

1. Size

The size of the room where the wardrobe is going to be installed has to be carefully analysed. Then accordingly a closet has to be chosen. The place of elevation is determined in prior. The depth of the wardrobe is a standard measure for readymade ones that is 45 cm. But custom-made cupboards can be designed as per the space available. Make sure there is ample space to walk around and prevent it from getting cramped.

2. Types

While analysing the types of wardrobes to check on their functionality, the first big decision one will have to make whether it is freestanding or fitted.

  • Fitted ones are an excellent choice for rooms that do not fall under a perfect shape and angle. Sloped ceiling and corner alcoves will look better with the fitted ones as they are custom-made. The only drawback with the fitted wardrobes is comparatively costlier than the readymade ones.
  • Freestanding wardrobes are highly affordable and can be moved from one place to another as they are light in weight and easily dismantled. The varieties of freestanding wardrobes are two-door, three-door, sliding door, hinged door, and doorless. In a 2 door wardrobe, the front and interior are split into two halves with drawers on one side and rails. Three-door wardrobes have more space than two, whereas sliding doors are specially designed for smaller bedrooms. The sliding door eliminates the necessity to open the door outwards, and hence they create more walking space. Hinged door wardrobes are the most common ones that one can install with additional features like hooks, mirrors, and racks. Doorless wardrobes are easily movable with stand-alone rails but are not very functional in various aspects of storage.

3. Style

A wardrobe is a furniture that will complement the overall theme and bedroom interior. There are various styles in a closet: contemporary, traditional, modern, bohemian, colour pop, textured, French style, Scandinavian, etc. Different additional features like the handle and knobs add the most versatility and style to the cupboard. There are glass knobs, ring pulls, brushed handles, etc. These can be customised as per an individual’s choice. It will help to elevate the theme and overall style of the concept.

4. Functionality

The functionality aspect depends on the type of things or clothes a person owns. This will help one decide on whether they need hanging space, shelves or drawers. Think carefully and conclude on the height of the wardrobe and rails, the number of shelves and drawers, etc. With super innovative designs, trendy cabinets with great functionality have inbuilt shoe racks, jewellery containers, and adjustable cubby holes to organise various additional items. To be more precise, if a person has his collection of clothes with long coats, evening gowns and formal bottoms, they will require more hanging space, and on the contrary, casual wear attires can be accommodated in drawers and shelves very easily. Then the depth of the frames is another significant criterion to manage things properly. Too deep shelves result in black holes and are very difficult to use daily.

5. Material and Finish

The finish and material of the wardrobe will contribute a lot to the style and functionality. Solid wood is the most widely used material owing to its durability, sturdiness and long life. Any wooden wardrobe online can be purchased without second thoughts as wood is always the best for cupboards.  MDF or particleboard are cost-effective options which makes them economical. They are also durable, and hence these are the best substitute for wood. The finish can be matte, glossy, with glass and mirrors to suit the needs and requirements of the user. But the mirrored ones will reflect light and create an illusion that the room is large.

6. Practicality

The practicality aspect of any cupboard refers to the delivery, safety and assembly. The delivery for any cupboard online must be user friendly with free shipping. If it is going to be a product that has to be assembled, there is no hassle. But if it is a fitted one, then the person has to cross-check on the hallway, stairs and doorway measures before buying the wardrobe to see if it will fit through comfortably. Assembling cabinets with experienced staff are the next challenging factor. Most of the brands will provide technicians to assemble their products free of cost. This will extensively reduce the customer’s stress. Safety will decide on the quality of the wardrobe. It has to be either securely fastened to the wall or anchored to the floor. This step will prevent any mishaps at any point in time.

7. Usage

The usage denotes the amount of storage space required in any household, which leads to the area to hang clothes, shelves to accommodate shoes, drawers to hold accessories. Besides this, the interior and exterior specification also has to meet the user’s demands as they contribute a lot to the functionality of any wardrobe. Try to install taller wardrobes towards the ceiling to increase the storage space.

Perfection is a matter of individual choice, aesthetics and lifestyle and most importantly, to land on an ideal wardrobe, the primary requirement is time. So, resist the urge to build it right away and work on the plan with patience. Expand your dreams and signature style of planning to an existing wardrobe within weeks with the basic principles discussed in this article.

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