Lawn Mowers in Nairobi – Prices & Factors to Consider When Buying

Are you looking for lawn mowers in Nairobi? This article will help you know more about lawn mowers before you conclude about buying one. Nowadays, there has been a tendency for fake products in the market. Here is the whole truth behind the scenes that you should know.

Lawn mowers are machines that make work more convenient, especially when it comes to cutting grass. However, it might be challenging to get a good lawn mower based only on the price. Other factors are equally important to get a goodlawn mower. This article will enable you to know all the requirements of a lawn mower to help you get the right device.


Lawn mowers in Nairobi are either imported from other countries or manufactured locally. Therefore, the performance of a lawn mower will differ depending on the type of lawn mower that you purchase. The performance of the engine should be good enough to last long. Its performance will also be attributed to its capabilities;hence a good lawn mower should have impeccable capabilities.

For instance, your lawn mower should have a dual-blade cutting system. Some will tend to have single blades, but their performance will be low. Most lawn mower prices in Nairobi vary according to the machine’s performance.  Also, consider getting a riding mower whereby you don’t have to push it. Instead, you ride on as you cut the grass around your desired area. A good performance will also mean having a thick steel-gauge construction.

Multipurpose capabilities

Lawn mowers with multiple functions have been considered the best globally. It means that you should select a lawn mower that can perform more functions compared to the contemporary types. For example, the select-cut function allows you to switch between the blades. Such equipment also comes with direction and speed controllers for efficiency of use.

Such unique capabilities can make work easier. In most cases, the companies tend to cut down the cost by manufacturing lawn mowers without such outstanding utilities, hence the device’s poor performance. In addition, speed control on a lawn mower will enhance its performance.


A sturdy machine is always made with capabilities to ensure it serves the user long-term. The durability will also dictate your experience and maintenance. In simple terms, choose a lawn mower that canmaneuver easilyVibration handles and a robust framework should also enhance durability. That is to protect you from muscle tension when using the lawn mower.

To differentiate between an original and a bogus lawn mower in Nairobi, check whether the machine is welded. Usually, a lawn mowershouldnot be welded, making it vulnerable to torsion effects and rusting. The stability is also evidenced by stable blades, which can move faster, besides being sharp and strong. Cutting decks should also be well designed to allow airflow as the machine works.


As usual, the performance of any device heavily depends on the engine. The engine should have a good lifespan to ensure optimum performance. It should also support the dual-blade cutting system. Lawn mower prices will always vary according to their performance. Battery-powered lawn mowers are known to have high performance because they don’t require fuel. You can consider having them if you want your lawn mower to have a higher performance.

In conclusion, many factors determine the price of a lawn mower. However, expensive lawn mowers always have better capabilities, high-performing engines, and multifunction utilities.

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