Lip care guide for summers

Summer is around the corner, and everyone is glad to finally be leaving their winter skin worries of dryness and flaking far behind, but summer too brings its own set of challenges to our body and skin. While we might cope with our skin and body issues, it is essential also to include lip care in your body care regime. By using a few essential lip care products, you can sustain their health and glow. There are two main reasons why lip care is essential: the lips are the focal point of your face, and regular body care products are not designed to be used on the lips. In this blog, we will explore the essential lip care for summers.

Lip care tips for summers

● Remain hydrated

Remaining hydrated by drinking plenty of water during the day is vital for lip care in summers. The critical thing to note here is that a few litres of plain water will do the trick instead of juices, sodas, teas, etc. The more water you drink, the more moisture your body will have to repair and replenish cells.

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● Protection from sun

Why ignore protecting the lips when going out into direct sunlight? Yes, sunscreen is equally vital for lips as it is for the face and arms. In fact, lip skin is even more sensitive than other body areas, making it more prone to sunburn and skin damage. You should always wear lip balm with an inbuilt SPF of at least 15 to protect your lip skin from damage. Further, you can avoid going out between 11 am and 4 pm, but if you must, then don’t forget to wear a hat.

● Clean, exfoliate and moisturize.

Many lip care products are available on the market that can retain your lip’s health and glow. You can scrub your lips with the paste of brown sugar and honey as this will be mild and at the same time clean and exfoliate your lips. Honey deeply hydrates and moisturises dry lips, whereas brown sugar wipes away dead skin cells.

● Healthy eating habits

We often tend to skip nutritious meals during summer due to the heat; instead, you should have a small portion of nutritious snacks. You can opt for fruit salad, nuts, seeds, and juices. Avoid ice creams and junk food to keep your pout pretty.

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● Massage your lips

It is preferable to massage lips with milk cream or yoghurt to lighten the lip colour. To get pink lips, you can crush fresh rose petals and mix them with milk cream to make the paste and use it to massage.

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Wrap up

This blog must have given you a fair idea about essential lip care for summers. Other than all the tips mentioned above, it would be best to consider a few more things to protect your lips. Licking your lips can also make them dry; hence refrain from doing so. Above all, the use of good lip care products will surely help you retain your lip health and glow during summers.

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