Make money in an eCommerce business

Here explained I built an e-commerce store that does roughly six thousand dollars per day in sales. The hundred and fifty-seven thousand and remember that this is just revenue this is a profit and then over here this is my Amazon store honestly, we put out of stock for quite a while so sales are down as you can see, they’re usually around thirty thirty-five thousand a month but over the last thirty days about seventeen thousand in ecommerce business.

So that’s what happens when you’re out of stock you really don’t want to be on a stock it was not ideal but it just it happened and that’s fine so together you know roughly six thousand dollars a day in revenue okay so now that we got that out of the way let’s start at the beginning. So, I first got into e-commerce by learning about selling products on Amazon just as maybe some of you guys are watching my videos right now, you’re just learning about it when that was around 2015 for me so 2015, I started to kind of learn about the process.

Just followed it step by step and I launched my first product now my first product like it wasn’t a product that I was expecting to make a ton of money. It was you know I didn’t have a lot of money to put into the business I was 20 years old you know I didn’t have much money to invest in the business, so it was a very small product. I paid 20 cents a unit but what was valuable for me was not the money. I was making from the sales, but it was the experience of learning this process because this whole process of private label any product and selling it on Amazon it’s a step-by-step process you know you can learn it once and then you can replicate it and do it again and again.

I did that in 2015. I launched my first product in 20 2015 or 2016 I launched a second product doing the exact same process. I went through the course again and just kind of refreshed my memory. I applied all of what I learned I launched a second product but when I was launching this product, I was not building a brand I was just kind of like throwing a product on Amazon and I did product research to make sure that there was some demand for that product, but I really wasn’t doing anything outside of Amazon. so, I just kind of put it up on

Amazon and I think I did a little bit of minimal PPC and then that was that and then by the time it was I guess 2017 yeah 2017 I decided that hey I’m going to launch my third product and this time.

Amazon you’re building a real business that you can later sell one day not that you can’t sell Amazon businesses you absolutely can it just has a bit more potential so anyways. I decided to build a brand with this product. I picked a product that I felt would be brandable so it wasn’t just like a commodity product like a spatula or like a trashcan because yes you can sell those products on Amazon, and they sell because people are they need these things you know everyone’s buying these things.

There are different types of products on Amazon right there like the products that are the commodities the ones that just like organically sell because people are naturally going on Amazon to buy these products you don’t really have to sell someone this product, they were going to Amazon with google ads management the intention of buying it in the first place.

Ecommerce Models

There are a selection of ecommerce brands, as well as:

  • Making and Selling
  • Wholesaling/warehousing
  • Drop shipping
  • White/private Labeling White/private labeling requires an ecommerce.

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