Marriage spells

Magic is everywhere in our life, which we not always notice. Magic starts when two people fall in love with each other and say, “I love you”. When two people are together thanks to a marriage spell, one of them says, “I can’t live without you” and the other one replies, “I can’t live without you either.” When people say it to each other, their energies merge together into a single flow. When they get married, the flow gets stronger and Higher Powers start protecting it. Their marriage is safe as long as the spouses love and take care of each other. But today we should talk about a different type of spells. We’ll tell you how magic can help you encourage your significant other to marry you. So if you are the one facing this issue or know someone in your family, then recommend them to visit, where a great esoteric and anchor Spellcaster Maxim will help you perform marriage love spells.

Marriage spells

There are black and white magic marriage spells, simple and complex marriage spells. Complex spells are spells which can be cast successfully only by skilled and experienced magic practitioners. Complex spells are more effective and stay so longer than simple spells. By offering you such spells, the spellcaster promises you that your partner will want to get married soon.​

Magic practitioners work with people and all people have different energies, hence the difference in the requirements and timelines. For example, your spellcaster may tell you that you have enough time to plan your wedding, or that you don’t have much time and you should hurry and get married as soon as possible. Anyways, what matters is that you’ll marry the person you love and want to be married to.

A simple marriage spell is a spell which can be performed by beginning spellcasters. Such spells are described in the articles available on our blog and even people who’ve never practiced magic have a good chance of casting them successfully. However, before casting such spells, make sure that:

  • You’ve known the person who you’re going to put a marriage spell on for more than 2 years;
  • You’ve never taken breaks from your relationship or had any serious fights;
  • Neither of you has children;
  • Neither of you is married or seeing someone else;
  • Both of you are healthy weight;
  • You don’t have any mental health issues;
  • You’re confident your karma allows you to be happily married;
  • Your family is free of an energy disease known as “celibacy wreath”;
  • The last two points apply to your significant other as well;
  • Most importantly, you love each other equally strong.

If all the requirements are met, go ahead and cast one of the spells for marriage as you have a good chance of success. If any of the requirements isn’t met, the odds are against you. Most likely, you’ll fail. Fortunately, your problem can still be solved by a professional magic practitioner whose job is to cast spells, including the marriage love spell to help people get married and make them happy.

Spells for marriage

Strong marriage spells are more effective when the people love each other. Of course, it seems logical to ask: Why use spells for marriage at all if two people love each other? Unfortunately, marriage spells are needed because today many people consider marriage to be a liability. People see it as something that takes their freedom away and means that they’re no longer young. Some people are afraid it will affect their career or financial freedom. Some people don’t want to be married to someone who makes more money than they do. Some people have been married before and are now afraid that their next marriage will end in a divorce as well.

In this case you need one of the marriage spells that really work. However – we should say it again – they’ll work only if you and your significant other love each other. Also, such spells can be cast only by people who have never cheated on their loved one since they started dating. If you’ve had a love affair, no matter how short, you’re not allowed to cast love spells, whether or not you’ve been forgiven for it.

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If you want to put one of the marriage love spells on a woman, some additional factors need to be taken into account. For example, never cast spells on pregnant women or women with children under 7 years of age. Never cast spells on women who get depressed a lot, have frequent mood swings or chronic fatigue. Also, you have to get her menstrual calendar somehow. You need to know when she’s menstruating because spells must not be put on women one week before and after her period starts.​

This is not the only calendar you need to cast a marriage spell successfully. You also need a lunar calendar which is also called a moon cycle calendar. All spells, including marriage spells, should be cast only when the moon is new, whether you want to perform your ritual in the morning, during the day, or in the evening. That’s why choosing a day to put a love spell on a girl can be tricky sometimes. However, it’s a rule and it shouldn’t be broken. If you break it and fail to check the date of your ritual against the girl’s menstrual calendar, the girl may end up developing multiple reproductive system disorders. If you fail to check the lunar calendar, your strong marriage spell will turn into a knife cutting the energy channel keeping you together in one strike.

In this article you’ll find one simple spell for beginners to encourage your significant other to get married. However, since we have more than one spell here, we’d like to present to you our list of 10 most simple rituals to be performed at home for you to be able to choose the best one.

TOP 10 easiest marriage spells

  • Mental spell “I want!”
  • Vital spell “I dream of!”
  • Ritual with a picture and no other accessories
  • Ritual with a picture and candles
  • Apple ritual
  • Spell with salt added into the food of your significant other
  • Spell with red strings and clothes
  • Marriage spells that work cast with the use of hair
  • Tarot card spells
  • Gris-gris spell

Like we said before, all spells described on this website can help you create a happy and lasting marriage.

A marriage spell for beginning spellcasters

Do marriage spells work? They do, so let’s find out what needs to be done for it. Buy a plant called spathiphyllum with white flowers to symbolize the wedding dress. Replant it in a new pot the same day you bring it home. Use the soil from a place where you shared some happy moments with your loved one. Put some stones on the bottom to make the ritual stronger.​

However, the soil and the stones are not the only things you need to put into the pot. Write down your dream (that you want to get married) on a piece of paper, roll it up, tie with a white string, and put it on the bottom as well. The stones and the soil should be on top of it. Make sure the soil has no roots or seeds so no other plants could grow next to your plant as your spell can be broken because of it.

After replanting your plant, put it in the room where your loved one spends a lot of time. If sex plays the key role in your relationship, put it in the bedroom. Now take a picture of your loved one and your picture, roll them up and then wrap them in foil to keep them intact. Stick your picture to the right of the plant and that of your loved one to the left of the plant. About one third of the picture should be underground.

Water your spathiphyllum until there is at least one new flower on it. When it blooms, cut it off with a new knife, put it on a napkin, and dry it. Then divide it into three parts. The parts should be about the same size. This flower is charged with the energy of both, you and your loved one, because it’s spent enough time with you, so no further actions are needed.

Put one third of the flower in a cup, add some tea and sugar (natural, not artificial!). While stirring clockwise, bend over the cup and say,

“Be my wife! Be my wife! Be my wife!” (if you’re putting this spell on a girl);

“Be my husband! Be my husband! Be my husband!” (if you’re putting this spell on a guy).

Offer this tea to your significant other and make sure he or she drinks it all.

Repeat this ritual for the next two days and wait. If nothing happens within a week and your loved one doesn’t propose to you or at least starts talking to you about getting married, wait for a new lunar cycle and when it’s a new moon again try to cast a marriage spell again, using one of the new flowers which appeared while you were waiting.

This marriage spell is likely to work. However, there are certain factors which can keep it from influencing your significant other. For example, this spell won’t help if you don’t see your loved one every day, if you fight a lot, or think you’re better than your partner. For this spell to work, you should love the person you’re putting it on and never question the fact that you’re destined for each other.

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