MIG Or TIG Welding for your Project or Weld Job

A welding machine is an apparatus used to meld two or more pieces of metal together at specific points. There are two main types of welding; Metal Inert Gas (MIG) and Tungsten Inert Gas Welding (TIG). The article describes the key differences and when to apply each in projects.

There isn’t a myriad of differences between MIG and TIG welding. Two key differences distinguish between both the technique and the machines used. A MIG arc is created by passing an electric current through a wire fed out of a device that reassembles a torch-like gun. TIG arcsare very different from their counterparts and formed through a tungsten rod that is stationary on the torch. The MIG arc is significantly larger than its counterpart resulting in different flame sizes and intensities.

Quality of The Weld Required

The MIG arc being significantly wider in size than its counterpart, its machine produces a largeflame and covers a large area. However, the penetration is less compared to a TIG machine due to lower flame intensity. The result of a TIG machine using a much narrower arc compared to its counterpart is that it produces a weld that directs a lot of heat into a small concentrated point. The heat zone is small, concentrated, and burns considerably hotter despite the size.

A MIG welding machine works for weld jobs or projects that need welding over large metal surfaces and contact areas that do not require special attention when sealing the metals together. It can be handy for many quick and lightweight repair jobs and is cost effective with the affordable Mig welding machine price in Kenya. A TIG welding machine works for projects that require a high level and quality of metal sealing from the weld like sealing water tanks. TIG is perfect for weld jobs like repairing water tanks.

Project Budget

A MIG welding machine is perfect for a low-budget weld job that does not require a high level of craftsmanship. It fabricates much faster and has considerably less prep work than its counterpart. As a result, quick stitch jobs are easily doable. It is only compounded by the that the MIG welding machine price in Kenya is lower.

Projects that require very high-quality metal stitching have to opt for TIG machines despite the budgetary constraints. The TIG technique takes a lot of time compared to its counterpart. This factor significantly raises the costs associated with the TIG technique.

In conclusion, it is imperative to note the type of welding work you need to do before choosing between MIG and TIG welding. Choosing the suboptimal technique and machine can result in either wastage of finances or a poor job done. In the decision-making, you have a much cheaper option that is usually good enough for many weld jobs, and on the other hand, a more expensive option for special projects that require a high level of metal sealing.

A MIG welding machine

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