Migration between sales platforms – when to consider a change?

In the case of running an online store, it is necessary to have a sales platform that will be associated with the store’s website. Find out a little more about the situations in which you can consider changing it.

No alignment

Changing the sales platform should be considered primarily in the absence of adaptation of the e-commerce platform to the online store, which is developing quite dynamically. The store development is related to the increasing number of customers and transactions, as well as the expansion of the product range. More traffic can slow down a duysnews website or even block it completely. It is due to insufficient space on the server and the lack of automatic scaling of resources. This state of affairs can also manifest in frequent failures, especially in critical moments, such as promotional campaigns.

Too few functions

Another situation in which the change of the sales platform will work is the presence of too few marketing functions. Nowadays, an online store requires specialized marketing activities. These include website optimization for SEO, as well as blogging and social media activities. In addition, the functionalities located directly on the website will be beneficial. These are, for example, web push notifications as well as pop-ups. It is worth choosing a sales platform where you can easily manage these elements.

Necessity of integration

In some situations, it may be necessary to integrate with new tools, for which a change of the sales platform will also be functional. Nowadays, customers are very eager to use innovative solutions when purchasing products. It is worth connecting your store with them to increase the number of transactions carried out. The popular tools include, among others, blik payments, deferred payments, as well as various delivery options. Shopify development company Cut2Code is sure to do the integration efficiently.

No support

Switching to the new sales platform may also be caused by a lack of support or insufficient support. Ongoing programming support is so necessary when developing your business. In the course of the implemented activities, it may be required to implement new functionalities, as well as the need to introduce changes to the already existing elements. Changing the e-commerce platform should be considered in the event of too long waiting for times for support, as well as the very high costs of such a solution.

No security

Another reason for the willingness to change the sales platform may be the lack of security. When shopping, customers share their sensitive data, such as names and addresses. That is why store security is such an essential issue in any case. The system should allow customers to access their data. In addition, it must also enable the data to be forgotten at the customer’s request, as well as block cookies by the customer.

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