All the military service members are no strangers to moving because their job lets them move many times during the entire working period. They are used to the PCS orders. Moving can be full of new opportunities and excitements but doing it by yourself is quite a very challenging task.

While the military will pack and move all your belongings under a household goods move but there is definitely an advantage to have a personally procured move. This allows you to have full control over the entire moving process. Consider these factors to make your PPM move successful.

Note: According to statistics, an average military family moves three times more than an average family and their children change their schools six times during their lifetime. As a military person, you know this but now it is time to know how you can move with ease and can move successfully.

  • Get help from professionals: When you are not experienced in handling the military move on your own then it is better to get help from professional moving companies Chicago. Moving to another place is a challenging task and professional movers are well-trained in handling the same. You need to look for a company that specifically provides services for a military move. Before hiring any military moving company, get price estimates from multiple ones and go for the company charging moving costs within your budget. Also, look if the particular company is reputable and experienced. Remember that the reputable military movers are the one who provides appropriate insurance coverage plan.
  • Start relocation process ASAP: The time when you receive your transfer orders, set up a meeting with the commutation office at your old base camp and housing center at the new base. In the meeting, you will get to know about different moving options, housing options, and facilities for your family. Now that you are clear about your house in a new place, it’s time to plan the entire relocation process. Make a checklist and mention all the activities and tasks that are to be undertaken to move efficiently.
  • Let go of your stuff: The most vital tip for military relocation is to purge out the items that fall in the category of non-essentials. Based on the military branch you are serving in the military, there is a possibility that you may have to move quite often in the future. And it can be difficult to carry a large number of items again and again. Also, your base camp might have the facility of reimbursing some percentage of relocation expenses based on the volume of your belongings. Therefore, take a look at all your stuff and get rid of unwanted ones.
  • Pack and label your stuff: After you are done with sorting you know that what number of items you are going to carry with you to your new base camp. Thus, collect the packing supplies according to it and start packing your stuff. Make sure to get cardboard boxes of different sizes to accommodate all-sized belongings. Use bubble wrap and packing tape to provide a protective covering to the belongings and place them into moving boxes. Always remember to provide appropriate labels to the boxes so that it is easy to identify which item is in which box.
  • Get an insurance coverage plan: One of the major benefits of undertaking a personally procured move (PPM) is that you can closely monitor the well-being of your items. When you decide to move your possessions by yourself then see to it if your homeowner’s insurance provides coverage to your precious items during the move. If you are driving the moving truck then ask the truck rental agency if the truck is insured.
  • Try to avoid moving in the busy season: If you tend to move during summertime then keep in mind that it is the time when moving rates are much high and there is a possibility that all military movers are already booked. If it is not possible to get your transition postponed then you still can reduce some amount of transition cost by planning to relocate in the mid-week. Also, decide to move in the early morning as it is the time when roads are less busy.
  • Get prepared for PCS moving day: You can ensure that you have the necessities for you at the new place with a partial move in which the military will relocate the rest of the stuff and you can move the stuff you want by yourself. For a partial DITY move, getting a truck on a rental is a great option. You can hire movers however to save damages of any kind.

Wrapping it all up!!! 

Permanent change of station is common for most military service people. So when receiving a PCS order, they have to start preparing for the move immediately. While a moving process is tiresome but if you prepare well in advance and get professionals to help then you can do it without any stress.

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