Multiplication Tables: A Tool to Ease Calculation

Mathematics and Science are two of the factors according to which there has been an increase in technology in recent times. These two have been the most important tools to provide a change in the environment and people of this generation. Mathematics is one of the subjects that has a huge demand in the upcoming times. It is the subject on which the researches can never end. Mathematics is not only about just adding and subtracting the same things again and again but also for calculating the area of different shapes. Mathematics is one of that subjects which is feared the most. From teaching children about numbers and making the students of primary classes learn multiplication tables to teaching the students of higher classes differentiation and integration. The subject behind all these things is mathematics. Mathematics has been an integral part of everyone’s daily life. One needs mathematics every moment of his personal or professional life. Mathematics is a never-ending subject.

Few operators that are used in mathematics in everyday life are:





1. Addition: It is just simply adding two numbers to get out the conclusion. This is one of the basic things that is used in everyday life.

2. Subtraction-:It is the difference between two numbers. It also has wide use of one’s day-to-day life.

3. Multiplication:

First of all, let’s discuss the use of multiplication and what multiplication is about, it is the product of two numbers. Multiplication has been taught in every class to make their concepts strong and solve their everyday problems. The use of multiplication has been increasing on daily basis.

Multiplication is used day to day basis:-

First of all, let’s discuss a multiplication table. The multiplication table is the product of the given number by multiplying to one and two or three etc. The tables of multiplication are used in a variety of areas in everyday life.

Multiplying the things will make the value bigger and greater than the previous one.

Use of multiplication table in everyday life are:

It helps in making everyday calculations easy. One’s daily work has become quite easy with persons who understand basic multiplication and multiplication tables.

With proper accuracy and regular use of the table one can easily use them for making their day-to-day tasks quite simple and easy.

Multiplication tables help in solving mathematical reasoning and making them look quite simple. A multiplication table is used in competitive examinations for the students to make their reasoning questions in a short period. Mental Mathematics is one of the toughest sections in the competitive examination. So with these are some benefits of multiplication table in everyday life. With proper mental mathematics, one can easily crack any of the olympiads or any other competitive exams.

Math puzzles can be easily solved with the help of multiplication tables. Math puzzles are very useful daily. Math puzzles just require basic mathematics to solve these mathematical puzzles. Some of the puzzles that one sees and solves in everyday life are sudoku or bridge games.

4. Division: Simply just dividing the two numbers will make the calculation quite simple and easy for one.

These four are basic tools in mathematics to make the problems quite simple. This will help in building up confidence in mathematics.

So basic mathematics is a definite task that one must learn from his early childhood days. Basic mathematics in one’s life is as important as salt in one’s food.

The taste is incomplete without salt. There are various sites in the google search engine which provide help to students to clear the weak concepts and provide students with regular and weekly tests. Sites such as Cuemath make the life of the students quite easy.

Cuemath is helping various students to make and help students to clear all their doubts and help them to achieve their goals.

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