Mya Erlikh – Social Media Influencer

Mya Erlikh was raised by only one parent. Her biological mother left her when she was five years old. However, her father took her in and raised her well. During her teen years, her father married another woman. Although Mya Erlikh had a step-mom, her father still was unable to talk to her Webshots. She also had no friends and did not speak English well. Eventually, she came to the United States and met her biological mother.

After years of rejection, Mya Erlikh started making funny content for her Instagram accounts. Her two accounts now have over 1.5 million followers. Although she lives in Brooklyn, Mya received hate messages and death threats because of her heritage 3net. Some even sent her swastikas and said all jews should be dead. Despite the negative remarks, she has found a large fan base. Her humor has earned her a place in the world of social media.

Damnhomie11 is a social media influencer and comic artist. Her success began with a TikTok account. She later began sharing skits on her Instagram account. Mya was born in Moscow, Russia, but her family moved to the United States when she was nine years old. She grew up in a solitary environment, with little to no social contact, and was often mocked by her classmates Lockerz.

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