New Unstoppable Point Guard Build in NBA 2K22 Next Gen

A good build in NBA 2K22 next gen can make you dominant the court and become unstoppable. Focusing on the major position – Point Guard, here we introduce a new NBA 2K22 next gen point guard build with a detailed breakdown. If you are looking for a build for other positions, please read the guide of the best NBA 2K22 build tips, and if you need MyTEAM players and points, please check out NBA 2K22 MT for sale on UTPLAY.

Unstoppable Point Guard Build in NBA 2K22 Next Gen – 2K22 Next Gen Best PG Build

The build created by Choc from YouTube can help you get 99 three-point shot, 99 speed, HOF Ankle Breaker, and every contact dunk, check out the details about the build below, get more wins in pro-am series or other single game. Xbox Series and PS5 MT NBA 2K22 are also available.

Position: Point Guard (PG)

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 170 lbs

Wingspan: 6’10”


67 Driving layup, that’s all you’re going to need on this build, you’ll make all your driving layups even if you had a 99, if it’s tested. it ain’t going in so look and realistically you’re not even getting a lot of layups, it’s majority contact ducks, 90 driving dunk, that’s going to be a 94 at 99 overall, that’s going to get you all of the driving dunk packages get this built-in 99 overall, every build is better at 99 so make sure you are getting your builds to 99, 40 post control that’s going to give you three finishing badges. Three is all you need, point guards don’t have a ton of badge points to play around with. On this build, all you need is go a Posterizer and you will be out there going absolutely crazy. When it comes to the shooting attributes, 80 mid-range is green every single time, you will never miss a mid-range, maxed out Three-pointer and Free throw, it’s gonna give you 23 shooting badges, which is a lot. 84 Pass accuracy is all you need for Hall of fame Blinders and you need HOF Blinders at point guard, put your ball handle to 90 that’s going to give you a 94 ball handle at 99 overall, make your speed with ball be 95, so you have a 99 speed with ball at 99 overall, that’s absolutely insane, your player moves so fast.

Finishing: 90 Driving Dunk, 67 Driving Layup

Shooting: 80 Mid-Range Shot, 94 Three-Point Shot, 95 Free Throw

Playmaking: 84 Pass Accuracy, 90 Ball Handle, 95 Speed With Ball

Defense/Rebounding: 84 Steal, 82 Defensive Rebound

Physicals: 95 Speed, 94 Acceleration, 65 Vertical, 93 Stamina


Primary: Pull-Up Precision

Secondary: Limitless Range


You can finally get 3 finishing badge points, 23 shooting badge points, 24 playmaking badge points and 7 defense badge points.

Finishing badges: Posterizer (Gold)

Shooting badges: Blinders (HOF), Hot Zone Hunter (HOF), Hot Shot (HOF), Green Machine (HOF), Deep Threes (HOF), Deadeye (Bronze), Stop & Pop (Silver)

Playmaking badges: Ankle Breaker (HOF), Bullet Passer (HOF), Quick First Step (HOF), Handles For Days (HOF), Space Creator (HOF), Unpluckable (Gold), Bail Out (Bronze)

Defense/Rebounding badges: Rebound Chaser (HOF), Interceptor (Gold)

You Have Built:

3PT Playmaker

Shades of:

Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf

Damian Lillard

Ja Morant

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