Offering a Full Scope of Vein Care Options in Texas

Veins can be both a functional and cosmetic issue. Dr. Rishin Shah of Prime Heart and Vascular has years of expertise handling a myriad of issues associated with these snaking tubes that are a key part of your cardiovascular structure. For more information regarding professional vein treatment in Frisco, Plano, Allen, Little Elm, Celina, and Prosper, TX, call the Prime Heart and Vascular office or book an appointment online today.

What is the Reason for Noticeable Veins?

Vein issues are caused by venous blockages or chronic venous insufficiency.

  •       Chronic venous insufficiency

Veins carry your blood back to your heart and have valves, which help propel the blood to defy gravity and upwards to your heart. If these valves fail, blood can flow backward and raise the pressure in the legs; a condition referred to as venous reflux or chronic venous insufficiency.

  •       Chronic venous obstruction

A persistent venous occlusion is a block in the veins. If scar tissue in the vein induces valve deterioration and a backward flow of blood or insufficient blood flows back to the heart, a blockage happens.

Leg vein pressure can cause neuropathy, restless legs, noticeable leg veins, and ankle and leg edema with time.

What Are the Elements that Increase the Likelihood of Experiencing Vein Issues?

The possible risk factors for experiencing vein issues and noticeable veins include:

o   Obesity

o   Aging

o   Genes or family history

o   Being female, because of the female reproductive hormone progesterone’s levels

o   Jobs that need standing or sitting for long hours

o   Tall height

o   Delivery

What Are the Available Vein Treatments?

Dr. Shah assesses your vein condition and determines the appropriate treatment using various imaging and testing techniques. He may advise an ultrasound, MRI, physical examination, or even venography.

Dr. Shah develops a customized treatment strategy for your vein condition following an extensive diagnosis. This may include:

  •       Lifestyle Adjustments

Exercising more often, modifying your nutrition, and/or elevating your leg can all assist your calf muscles in pushing venous blood to your heart. Keep off lengthy-standing and sitting, and if you are obese, losing weight can help reduce strain on your veins.

  •       Ablation with radiofrequency

Radiofrequency ablation is a straightforward in-office technique that uses a catheter to transmit sound waves that heat the vein and seal it. Dr. Shah provides numbing medication for your convenience, and the procedure typically takes 45 minutes and does not require downtime.

  •       Microphlebectomy

Microphlebectomy is a procedure that uses a small cut and a specialized medical hook to eliminate more prominent veins.

  •       Sclerotherapy

Sclerotherapy includes injecting a drug into the vein with a tiny needle to close it.

  •       Compression Stockings

Dr. Shah recommends compression stockings for symptom alleviation.

Dr. Shah also offers vein therapies, including clot clearance, pelvic embolization, and venous stent placement. You can visit this thermage treatment singapore, to get more info. 

Dr. Rishin Shah, MD, has over a decade-experience in addressing cardiovascular illnesses and is a reputable cardiologist. He emphasizes that prevention is essential to preserving health and focuses on identifying the least invasive care alternatives for his patients. Find out more by scheduling a consultation with the respected cardiologist at Prime Heart and Vascular through mobile or request online.

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