Preparing for Your Power BI Interview: Tips and Tricks 

Power BI Interview Questions difficulty is mostly determined by the job criteria and the position you are looking for. While senior-level roles could call for a more sophisticated understanding of Power BI capabilities, data modelling, and DAX formulae, entry-level positions might include questions focused on the fundamentals of Power BI and data analysis. 

It might be hard to succeed in a Power BI Interview, especially if you are unprepared and have little experience with the software. Microsoft Power BI Training can help you face the interview process by providing adequate practice and preparation. 

Power BI Interview Process 

The interview process for a Power BI job can vary depending on the company and the specific role. However, some common steps typically included in the Power BI interview process: 

Initial screening: This is usually a phone or video call with a recruiter or hiring manager to discuss your experience, qualifications, and interest in the position. 

Technical assessment: This may involve a technical test or assignment to evaluate your knowledge and skills in Power BI and data analysis. 

Technical interview: This may be conducted by a technical expert or the hiring manager to assess your knowledge of Power BI, data modelling, DAX language, and data visualisation. 

Behavioural interview: This may be conducted by the hiring manager or HR representative to evaluate your soft skills, communication abilities, and how you work in a team. 

Case study: Some companies may require you to complete a case study where you are given a data set and asked to analyse it using Power BI. 

Final interview: This may involve meeting with senior management or the team you will work with to discuss your experience, qualifications, and fit for the role. 

Throughout the Power BI interview process, it is significant to display your skills and experience working with Power BI, demonstrate your ability to solve business problems with data and highlight your communication and collaboration skills. Be prepared to ask questions about the company culture, job expectations, and the team you would be working with. 

Power BI Interview Questions 

Motivation, strategy, and preparation are necessary to succeed in a Power BI Interview. However, it is crucial to understand the core features and how they may be applied to address business problems to be well-prepared for a Power BI Interview.  

You should be able to demonstrate your abilities through a portfolio of Power BI work and have experience dealing with real-world data sets. Also, keeping up with Power BI’s most recent features and advancements while having a solid grasp of SQL fundamentals will benefit you in the Job Interview. 

Following are some popular Power BI Interview questions and answers that can help you prepare: 

1. What is Power BI? 

Power BI is a business analytics service developed by Microsoft, offering interactive visualisations and business intelligence functionalities. It features a user-friendly interface that empowers end users to effortlessly generate their own reports and dashboards. 

2. What are the different components of Power BI? 

The different components of Power BI include Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View, Power Map, and Power Q&A. 

3. What is DAX? 

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) is a formula language used in Power BI to create custom calculations, aggregations, and comparisons. 

4. How do you build a data model in Power BI? 

To construct a data model in Power BI, you can utilise the Power Query editor to establish connections with data sources, perform data transformations and cleansing, and subsequently establish relationships between tables using the Manage Relationships dialog box. 

5. List the difference between a measure and a calculated column in Power BI? 

A calculated column is a column you need to add to a table by specifying a formula that is evaluated for each row. A measure is a calculation performed on the fly based on the selected filters and visualisations. 

6. What is a Power BI gateway? 

A Power BI gateway is a tool that enables secure communication between Power BI and on-premises data sources. 

7. How is a dashboard in Power BI created? 

To create a dashboard in Power BI, you can select the visualisations and reports you want to include and then arrange them on the dashboard canvas using drag and drop. 

8 What is the difference between a report and a dashboard in Power BI? 

A report in Power BI is a collection of visualisations and data organised on a page or a set of pages. A dashboard is a single page that displays a summary of essential metrics and KPIs in a visual and interactive format. 

9. How do you share a Power BI report with others? 

To share a Power BI report with others, you can publish it to the Power BI service and then share it with specific users or groups or embed it in a website or application. 

10. How do you create a drill-through in Power BI? 

To create a drill-through in Power BI, you can select a visual or data point and then create a button or link that navigates to another report or page that provides more detailed information about the selected data.  


This blog discusses a few sample Power BI Interview questions to give you a gist about the Power BI Interview. It is feasible to achieve and obtain your ideal job in Data Analysis and Visualisation if you have the right attitude and approach. 

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