Products for BJJ Trainers

BJJ trainers need special products as they do strenuous exercises and needs to carry heavyweight. There are 2 main problems with BJJ trainers. First, they panic due to muscle soreness. Second, they need a big bag with enough space to accommodate their stuff. This blog presents 2 products for BJJ trainers. Have a look!!

Tiger-Balm Ultra Sports Rub

It is a well-known topical pain reliever and multi-purpose ointment that can be applied to relieve pain more quickly. With just one application, users can enjoy immediate, soothing relief from muscle stiffness and joint discomfort. Tiger-Balm is suggested for relief in;

  • Minor aches
  • Backaches
  • Joint aches
  • Muscle strains and stiffness
  • Arthritis

Packaging weight is 1.7 0z and, it gives you more oil than usual, which you get in regular jars. If you are regularly using tiger balm for treating pain, then this packaging is a bonus for you. This tin size is also appreciated by chiropractors and massage therapists. The balm contains many ingredients, where some are active and some are inactive ingredients. Camphor and Menthol are active ingredients, while clove oil, Paraffin Petrolatum, Dementholized mint oil, Cajuput oil and Cassia oil are inactive ingredients.

Patients must apply the ointment according to the doctor’s instructions. Make sure the balm doesn’t come into contact with sensitive areas like open wounds or eyes. Avoid Tiger-Balm if you have a skin wound or irritated skin. You should be aware that Tiger-balm should only be used externally. For using the product, apply it to the area where you are suffering pain.

To activate the inactive ingredients of the balm, you will need to apply the ointment on the affected area and massage. Let it absorb completely to multiply its effectiveness. As per the instructions of the manufacturer, you should apply it 3-4 times daily. You should not bathe instantly after applying the balm. If you notice any skin reaction, discontinue its use.

BJJ Bags

What else do you want if you are getting 44-litre capacity. Isn’t it enough to consider Gold BJJ Duffle bag? If you are going for BJJ training, then you need bjj bags. It provides you with 2 things; space and organisation. It carries a watertight GI pocket. This pocket is made of;

  • Waterproof PVC
  • Reliable 2-tone Polyester

Other features of the bag are;

  • Inner pouch for belt
  • Large size front pocket for keeping tape and toiletries
  • Mesh organisers for keeping phone or other accessories
  • Waterproof Pocket (let you separate sweaty and messy gears from cleaned stuff)

The front big-sized pockets are helpful but not enough big to keep enlarged gigs or pants. Though, things in small to medium size can be adjusted well in the pockets.

Take Away!!

Tiger Balm got amazing reviews, and hence people are loving to buy more. Before you head to purchase tiger balm, consult your instructor. While buying a BJJ bag, you don’t need to consult anybody. Buy it and save yourself from panic due to ugly short or large bags. The BJJ bags are specifically made keeping BJJ trainer needs in mind. If you tried any of the mentioned products, then comment us your experience.

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