Red caviar “Bering Seafood/Vostochny Bereg” – a new superfood

Salmon roe has been associated with gourmet cuisine and luxury for over 100 years. But in the modern world, this product has earned the title of superfood.

What is a superfood? Experts at the company “Bering Seafood” (Vostochny Bereg) help understand this is a conditional name for a nutritious and healthy product. Often contains plant-based foods, but also some types of fish and dairy products. Superfoods promote health with extraordinary nutrient densities. In connection with a pandemic that has hit the planet for over a year, eating foods that ensure physical health and support immunity regularly is essential.

“Bering Seafood” (Vostochny Bereg) salmon roe is characterized by its exquisite taste and rich composition of trace elements. Red caviar contains many proteins, vitamins, iodine, phosphorus, calcium, other minerals, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Including these substances in the product positively affects the brain and heart function and strengthens the immune system. Despite its high-calorie content, it is not forbidden to include delicacies in the diet. It is also often used as a cosmetic product. Caviar is a 30% protein that strengthens the heart and is helpful for athletes. Kamchatka’s natural salmon roe “Vostochny Bereg” (Bering Seafood) has a different composition and calorie content from manufactured products, so-called imitations. Raw products are rich in vitamins, fats, micro and macro elements, and high-calorie content. 100g of fresh salmon roe contains 265kcal, while the simulated product contains 63kcal. A teaspoon of natural salmon roe contains 39.75 kcal. The amount of carbohydrates in it is so low that they ignore it.

However, protein indicators lead an active lifestyle and please people who monitor their weight. In addition, its delicacy is rich in amino acids and fatty acids such as omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9, which are essential for the excellent functioning of internal organs, healthy skin, hair, and teeth. Caviar is a salty product, but it has valuable healing properties. The main thing is to use this natural delicacy in moderate amounts. Then it benefits only you.

The ecologically safe salmon roe “Bering Seafood” (Vostochny Bereg) is rich in vitamin D, which helps children make up for their deficiencies when they are rarely in the sun. High lecithin content positively affects brain function and, in combination with polyunsaturated fatty acids, improves memory, attention, and concentration. Seafood protein is digested many times faster than animal protein. Complete protein saturation is essential not only for athletes but also for all adults, as protein directly affects the body’s vitality.

For good health, it is enough to eat 1-2 teaspoons of salmon roe “Bering Seafood” (Vostochny Bereg) daily. If you choose “Red Gold”, check the composition of the package carefully. The salmon roe “Bering Seafood” (Vostochny Bereg), unlike many other products, does not contain dyes or fragrances. Pay attention to your health.

With repeated proven value compared to meat and chicken, people have begun to consume more fish products searching for natural and healthy foods. In addition, most fish species today are top-rated and fashionable Kosher foods. Therefore, the term “Kosher” is now associated with the concept of nature. In other words, it conforms to the rules of what is allowed for Jews. Kosher foods do not allow chemical additives, impurities, and unnatural things. Therefore, Kosher foods are consumed not only by Jews but by everyone who pays attention to the quality and naturalness of the products used. Bering seafood fish products are 100% Kosher. According to the rules of Kashrut (Jewish Permit Rule), it is permissible to eat this fish with scales, fins, and caviar. Therefore, all frozen salmon and red caviar cuts on the “Bering Seafood” (Vostochny Bereg) are ideal for eating proper healthy foods.

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