Selling a Pre-Owned Phone Online: Do’s and Don’ts

The list of do’s and don’ts when you sell your phone online can seem never-ending. For instance, you must remember to log out of all the accounts that you handle on your device before selling it. You must not forget to prepare the document(s) needed to sell it. Besides these, there are some more crucial things to keep in mind. Here’s a quick look.

What to Do

Do Clean the Phone

If your phone has a good appearance, there is a possibility that it can attract a better resale price. Therefore, make sure to clean your phone, especially places that collect dirt and dust. Examples are points in which you insert the charger or headphones. Wipe with a clean dry cotton cloth.

Do Back-Up All Data

It’s important to back up your phone’s data so you can access them even after selling the device. Back up everything on the phone, including your songs, audio recordings, videos, photos, messages, notes, documents, PDFs, contacts and call records.

Do Perform a Factory Reset

Now that you have backed up the data, you must factory reset your phone before you sell it online so no one else can access the information. If you can’t do a factory reset, ask the seller if they offer a certified data wipe using internationally recognized military-grade software without security issues.

Do Fix Any Issues

If your phone’s screen has got cracked, the battery gets overheated or the SD card and SIM card slots don’t work, get them repaired or replaced. This can improve the condition of your phone and thereby, help increase its resale value. If the charger is slow, you can replace it and sell it along with your phone to attract a higher price. If you wish to sell your SD card too, ensure to erase its data as well.

What to Avoid

Don’t Forget to Check the Resale Parameters

See whether the seller mentions on their website all the parameters that determine the current value of a secondhand phone in the market. Remember to go through them before you sell your phone online to build valid expectations about its resale value.

Don’t Hold Back Information

If the motherboard or any other component of your phone is damaged, make sure to mention the same when you describe its condition. A new-age online platform for selling used electronics can verify your device’s current condition accurately using a special app. If you provide an incorrect description, you won’t receive the quoted amount but a new price quote.

Don’t Skip Reading the Selling Procedure

It’s a good idea to check the selling procedure of a phone if the same is mentioned on the seller’s website. This can help you prepare in advance things like necessary documents and find out how to schedule a suitable date and time for pick-up of your phone at home.

Don’t Miss Customer Reviews

This is a crucial step to take before you sell a phone online. Visit the seller’s website and go through the testimonials shared by its customers on the site. This can help you figure out whether the seller has a good reputation and a large customer base.

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