SEO vs. PPC – Which Strategy is Right for Your Business?

Search engine optimization is a very useful technique to get organic traffic. But on the other hand, PPC or Pay-Per-Click marketing is also useful to get quick results. Many online businesses are using SEO services and a large number of businesses use PPC for marketing but which one is the right strategy for you? We all know that both of these strategies are helping businesses to grow online effectively and easily. 

Many brands are using both of these strategies to promote their business online. But some small businesses cannot afford both of these strategies. That is why they have to choose the one which is the right marketing strategy for them. Herewith the help of this guide you will get to know which strategy is right for your business.

Know More About SEO

If you are planning to use SEO for the marketing of your online business, then you must have to know everything about it. Without knowing everything about it you cannot choose and use it in the right way. So it is better to get complete information about it & following are some important things to know. You can know this seo marketing business.

What Is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization and SEO includes various tactics to make your website rank higher on search engine result pages (SERPs). Here you will be getting complete organic traffic. In SEO strategies you have to optimize every section of your website to make it more visible for the search engines and their crawlers. The more your site seems relevant to search terms, the more chances will be there that your site rank higher. 

Pros Of SEO

SEO is driving organic traffic directly from SERPs — Is it the only advantage that you get from SEO? No, there are many other advantages and SEO gives long term benefits to your business. Even after your SEO campaign has ended, you will still get traffic. SEO helps you maintain your online brand reputation. Also, it helps you create awareness for your brand easily. Your brand looks more authentic when it appears on the first page of SERPs. 

Cons Of SEO

You have to be a skilled person if you want to do SEO on your own. Otherwise, if you don’t have skills, then you have to pay a good amount of money to someone else who is an SEO expert. Along with it, SEO is a time-consuming process as compared to its counterpart PPC marketing. Also, it is a marketing strategy that is suitable for tech-savvy people. It can cost you more if it takes a long time to show results.

Know More About PPC

Knowing more about PPC is also important if you are going to choose one of these two options. PPC marketing or Pay-Per-Click marketing is different from SEO marketing. Following are some major aspects that you need to know about it.

What Is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click marketing — It is paid marketing where you promote your business website or content through paid marketing campaigns. Many service providers are there who provide you with PPC campaign services. Google Adwords is one of the major tools that you can use to promote your site or post for particular keywords. 

Pros Of PPC

PPC marketing doesn’t require any high-end experience and knowledge. You can just start with the basic knowledge of advertisement. You just have to be familiar with the keyword ranking factors, ad placements and budgets. Also, it is less expensive as compared to SEO. because as an advertiser you have complete control over your budget or ad costs. It takes less time to show results. Also, less manpower is required in PPC campaigns.

Cons Of PPC

Paid traffic is sometimes not so useful for some businesses. Sometimes paid traffic seems costlier than organic traffic when you are not in the direct selling business. PPC marketing is not good if you are building brand awareness or brand uniqueness. 

How To Find That Which Is Better For Your Business?

Now you are familiar with all the aspects related to PPC and SEO marketing. Now the question is how to find which one is better for your business. Should you use PPC or SEO marketing? Following are some factors to consider while choosing a marketing strategy.

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Figure out all of your requirements. What do you want from your marketing strategy? More traffic or more conversions, what is the ultimate goal?


Are you experienced in using PPC or SEO? Or do you have an experienced team? If you have experience then go with SEO Reseller programs. If you are a beginner then PPC will be a good option.

Budget & Time

Your budget and time are also important to consider. If you want quick results on a low budget, then PPC will be a better choice. However, for long term benefits with a high budget, SEO is a good choice for you.

SEO and PPC, both of these marketing strategies that are being widely used by many online businesses. We can compare both of them, but we cannot find out which is better. For some businesses, SEO is better, while PPC works fine for others. Also, some businesses use both of these strategies for their business growth. It depends upon your requirements, budget and goals, that which strategy you use. So before you start using any of them, must consider these factors before choosing one.

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