This image originates in the upper left great corner from the Player’s winnings, marked with a blue dot. The Banker’s victory is indicated by a red dot. A new column starts every time a Player’s or Banker’s winnings change. 

There are six rows in the table. บาคาร่า there were more than six consecutive wins in the game, then the countdown of points moves to the right, creating the so-called “dragon’s tail.” This is the main image, and everyone else is already moving away from it.


The Boy with the Big Eye is a tricky statistical way to track how certain bets win. In this system, red marks represent repetitions, blue ones – random winnings. Keep in mind that simple red and blue have nothing to do with bets on the Player or Banker.

The Boy with the Big Eye table starts with the hand entry after the first entry in the second column of the “Highway.” Each entry of The Boy with the Big Eye, like the two subsequent systems, is based on the results of the Highway. 

Using this system may seem the best way difficult and confusing. To be clear, just look at the latest Highway results. After that, move a great one cell to the left up. If the shift up did not show any changes, make the mark in red if the changes were blue.


Using Little Road is similar to using Boy with Big Eye. Unlike the previous one, this system provides for the skipping of one column to the left of the column in the “Highway.” It starts with the hand that comes after the first. The starting point is in the third column of the “Highway” Red circles indicate that the first and third columns to the left to right of the new column in the “Highway” are the same in-depth, blue circles indicate that they are different.

The trajectory along which you move simply according to the “Little Road” (while remembering about the last entrance to the “Great Road”) includes moving two cells to the left and up. Mark with a red circle if the move did not lead to any change, blue – if it did.


“Cockroach Pig” is the third road, passing two columns to the left of the “Highway” column. Otherwise, this system works on the rule and principle of the “Little Road.” She enters after the first entry in the fourth column of the “Highway.” Here you can easily compare the first and fourth columns to the left of the new Highway column. We repeat once again that the red circle means the same depth, the blue one means the differences. To mark this image, decent look at the last entrance to the Highway and move three spaces to the left. Then move up. If you have not noticed any no changes, then mark the box in red; if they are – in blue.


“Pattern Recognition” is a rather complex system. You need to know that the red circles in it represent the Banker’s win, blue – the Player’s win, green – Draw. “The Great Road” is the main image, and everyone else reckons with it. Fortunately, almost all modern casinos provide their players with digital displays with roads and detailed winnings. Thanks to direct communication with an automatic card reading, they provide error-free information. Typically, each road is six characters high, and the electronic displays projecting “Boy with a Big Eye,” “Little Road,” and “Cockroach Pig” use characters half a cage wide and high. This means that three rows of cells contain six vertical symbols.

Regardless of the way in which these images are used (it can be self-deducting points or using a digital display), you must remember that they are based on superstition and a false sense of control, which are part of play psychology. They do not reduce the casino share and cannot guarantee you a win. If you want to have a real Macau Baccarat experience, use these systems in the same way that others blow the cards to avoid bad luck.

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