Slot game review of Thunder Reels

The sight of a slot game having just the three reels is becoming somewhat rare, but Thunder Reels keeps the simple format alive with some classic slot game fun.

The theme here is, quite simply, classic fruit machines. There is a gorgeous retro charm to every spin on Thunder Reels, as it’s pixel-like style takes players on a nostalgic trip back to the good old days. It was a time when fruit machines were fruit machines, without any of the extra animations, subplots and themes.

However, Thunder Reels which is different from Jackpot King Slots does well to provide that old school feel while still feeling like a very modern, contemporary online slot game experience – which is no mean feat. 

About the developer 

The developer of this classic looking online slot game is Playson. This is a company that certainly knows it’s way around a slot machine, having produced some classic titles down the years. 

Playson always put an emphasis on the visual side of their slot games and that is obvious here in Thunder Reels with a slick set-up. The likes of Alice in Wonderslots, Wild Warriors and Vikings of Fortune are all Playson titles that use ambitious themes and narratives, with top graphics used as well in order to carry the ambition through. 

However, with Thunder Reels, Playson prove they can still make a great old school simple slot game, too and one that is playable across all major platforms. 

About the game 

With only three reels on offer, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Thunder Reels could get pretty boring pretty quickly. However, you would be wrong to think so. 

There is a reason why the humble three reel fruit machine was popular for so long and it’s down to pure simplicity and playability. Three reels means a fast-paced experience that everyone is used, too, while classic fruit symbols take you back to where it all started. 

Photo-like graphics of the symbols means that this is very much a step into the future of slot machines, as much as it is a step back into the history books. Betting starts at 5p and goes up to £25 per spin, making for a decent betting range. 

The jackpot is 750 on Thunder Reels and you’ll want to land the 77s icon to get anywhere near that amount. At the other end of the scale, the humble X symbols pays out 5 per win.  

Bonus Features 

Just because this game has a 1980s look and an old school theme, does not mean it has to go without bonus features, although it keeps it’s integrity by doing so. 

The modern online slot game is judged greatly on what bonus features and mini games it offers, but Thunder Reels does not actually offer anything of the sort. Rather, the gameplay is kept simple and accessible to all, with nothing but spins and wins. 


Thunder Reels has the look of a classic and in fairness, it probably is one. The game flows well and while modern gamers might want something more engaging, there is a lot to be said about a traditionally laid out fruit machine. is the most popular online gambling site.

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