Social Champ – A Simple Yet Powerful Social Media Management Tool 

We post on social media, taking pictures and sharing our thoughts with the world. Of course, this is something good, but it can be a complicated and overwhelming mess when managing our social media accounts. That is why we have a social media management tool 

The perfect plan is essential for any company or business looking to maximize its social media presence. The problem is, with so many great options on the table, it can be hard to choose which social management tool is best. No matter how big your enterprise is, every company needs a social media management tool to keep all processes on track. 

An excellent social media management tool can help you manage and refine your business and improve its ROI (return on investment). The most crucial part is that it must be easy on your pocket and meet all your desired requirements. 

Hello, Social Champ!

Social Champ is a powerful social media management tool that allows users to schedule posts across multiple social media platforms. Manage your account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, Google business profile, and Pinterest all from one place! You can also publish for all of your social media pages in one go.

Moreover, you can schedule posts and monitor your posts for mentions and engagement. As a social media manager, you will consistently keep up with the latest trends and engage your new followers. Using this tool saves time for yourself and your clients, which means that you can get your work done in less time. 

Of course, you need social interaction daily. With Social Champ, you can now be at the top of your game with everyday social media actions like uploading posts, content suggestions, bulk upload, multiple integrations, and team collaborations. The hours you will be saving by managing all your social media platforms reflect the time you can spend doing other things. 

Social Champ is the solution to help organize and optimize your social media activity. Whether you’re looking to schedule your uploads, manage your personal and work-related accounts, save tweets to share later, create and edit images for Facebook or Instagram posts, or analyze your posts by tracking your audience analytics. 

Furthermore, SocialChamp has a series of features for optimizing your social media life. With tons of social media marketing tools, Social Champ can be your right choice. One of the great reasons to try Social Champ is that it doesn’t dig a hole in your pocket, as the basic plan starts from $10 per month. 

Multiple Social Media Integrations 


Level up your Facebook marketing skills by creating, scheduling, and analyzing your post. Spice it up with some creative hashtags, and you can even create a group of hashtags to use your favorite ones later, massive stock of GIFs, and free stock images. You can either upload your pictures or videos from PC or import them from Dropbox or Google drive. 


Instagram is a hub for selfies and videos, so why not create some eye-catchy visuals without switching your tabs with Social Champ. Create and edit your images and videos with Canva, Crello, and and share within one go. So instead of toggling tabs and breaking your flow, you can now be more creative. 


Schedule your tweets and pins with the centralized dashboard. Repeat your posts on the social media platforms you wish and see the wonders,  how effectively you gain views. Now you don’t need to post manually. And once you are repeating your post through Social Champ, your chances of getting higher engagement will be increased.


Want to grow your LinkedIn groups and pages? Let Social Champ be your rescuer! Give freedom to all the websites, connect your favorite websites to your social media handles. All you need is to add the Auto RSS link of any website, add the title, and there you go. Sit back and relax and leave the rest on Social Champ. Your latest and trending content will be posted on your desired social media accounts.


Make your Pinterest presence stronger with Social Champ’s schedule feature. It’s pretty challenging to strengthen your online presence when you have so much to do on your business plate. Simply schedule your pins for weeks, months, or even for years with the Bulk upload. Moreover, you can get a grid view of all your scheduled and published posts with a Social Media Calendar. 

Google Business Profile

Post the latest updates and trends on your Google business profile. Be on the top of your local SEO and maximize your target reach. Social Champ offers you to add custom CTAs so that you don’t miss any opportunity to convert your visitors into customers. 

How to Create a Social Champ Account 

Creating your Social Champ is super easy. Just 5 easy steps, and there you go! 

Step 1 

Once on the Social Champ’s home page, click on the orange ‘Sign Up’ button on the left side of the home page. 

Step 2 

Next, enter all the details on the sign-up page and click on the ‘I agree to Social Champ’s Terms & Conditions. 

Step 3 

Step 4 

Now the next thing is to verify your account. After that, you’re good to go! just add all your social accounts to it. 

Step 5

Once you are done adding your social accounts, now is the time to create your creative post using trendy hashtags and emojis. If you are looking for Hootsuite alternatives then Social Champ is the best tool to choose


It has all the versatile features, and the best part is it is a pocket-friendly tool. Oh! It’s BFCM, have a look at what Social Champ is bringing to you. 

BFCM offer: 

Now you can avail 30% off on monthly plans for the first three months, OR you can get 50% off on annual plans for the first year. 

Well, this deal is valid for new users. 

You can apply this discount to Champ, Business, and Agency plans. 

Apply the coupon “BFCM2021” at checkout.

The code is valid from 18th November to 2nd December 2021.

Regular Pricing:

Social Champ offers you four exciting plans. 

  • Pro Plan: $10/month 
  • Champ Plan: $29/month  
  • Agency: $99/month
  • Business: $199/month

If you wish to try out the platform before paying anything, signup for a 7-day free trial.

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