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If you’re looking for some solid NFL picks against the spread this week, consider the Lions. Detroit is on a five-game losing streak, but Jared Goff kept them close in their last game against the Miami Dolphins. Still, the Lions fell 31-27. That’s why NFL picks against the spread have them covering the Packers at home.

In week eight, the Vikings are hot. Kirk Cousins is coming off a 10-game absence and is favored to continue his winning ways. The Eagles’ offense is a different story, but the Texans’ cover-2 zone makes them a difficult matchup. While the Eagles have a healthy roster, their pass rush isn’t good enough to keep the Texans from getting points on the board.

The Rams haven’t looked like the Super Bowl champs this year. But, they’re a solid pick against the spread, and if you’re looking for a team that can keep Christian McCaffrey healthy, they’re the team to bet on. Another team to watch is the Bills, who have a solid record against the spread this year and could win the NFC North title.

If you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash during the football season, NFL picks against the spread are a great option. These picks will level the playing field when two teams are in a tight game. The money line is the simplest type of bet, and can be a good place to get started.

When looking for an NFL pick against the spread, it’s vital to remember that there are many different ways to bet. You can use computer software to predict which teams will win, either against the spread or straight money lines. If you’re not confident in your own knowledge or you’re looking for an edge over your friends, you can check out free NFL picks against the spread by visiting the Doc’s Handicapper website.

On the other hand, if you want to take a more conservative approach to the Rams, you could take the Chargers. They’re healthy and could have the offense to carry the torch. Marcus Mariota and the wide receivers are back to their usual standards, and the Chargers should cover the spread.

As with all bets, the best NFL picks against the spread often feature straight up bets as well. In the playoffs, unlike the playoffs in the other major sports in the North American leagues, the NFL playoffs are one-game single elimination games where the better seed plays the lower seed. Sometimes, the lower seed is the winner of the Wild Card Game or plays in a more difficult division. When betting on the playoffs, you don’t have to bet on the higher seed, but you do want to get the best number.

Another game this week involves a game between the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions at Ford Field. The Lions are 3.5-point underdogs in this game, and the total is set at 49 points.

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