The Benefits of Marine Boards

Construction is a unique process that requires professional experience.  In order to come with the best construction materials, one needs to get the best plywood from top manufacturers which at times, might be of higher prices and at other end one might buy at a customer friendly price depending on what quality oneprefers.

Mostly, high quality products are safe and efficient. A plywood is made from tropical hardwoods without defects and joined using phenolic glue. Reason as to why it is joined with phenolic glue is to make it waterproof, since they are made for marine use, where normal plywood cannot be used.

Resin Made Plywood.

Basing our research on various types of plywood available in different market places, the different types have different qualities used for different purposes.

Generally plywood’s are graded from A-D, where A is the high quality while D represents low quality.

Features of plywood

In this case we are basing our Features on marine plywood.

1. High quality modified resin

Resin is a polymer or rather a term used to designate the polymer precursor material.  Resin is a solid substance convertible into polymers.

A phenol- formaldehyde resin which has a great adhesive quality is used in order to block all moisture.

2. Unmatchable strength

To come up with high strength plywood one has to use high quality resin and timber. Plywood is known for their strength and durability due to the fact that they are water proof.

3. Heavy on the wallet

Marine board price Kenya:  Compared to the moisture-resistant variant, Marine plywood are twice expensive this is because of the quality of resin and timber used to modify it.

In addition, it is impact-resistant and the hard exterior makes it scratch proof.

4. Used for exterior and high water-exposure.

Plywood have great threshold for water exposure.As mentioned earlier, resin of high quality is capable or rather able to withstand water exposure since of its quality and the quality of timber used.


  • Boats

If your hobby is fishing or sailing, then you have a likelihood ofowning a boat. It isn’t expensive to buy by any strength of imagination. Finding one that is made of plywood will be much far better since, it is flexible and can be fitted into the design of the boat.

  • Deck

A platform in a ship, which usually serves as a structural element and forming the floor of its components mainly made of plywood.

The deck lasts longer with minimum maintenance for quite long.

  • Bathroom and kitchen walls and sub flooring

These are areas which are prone to moisture.  In order to avoid such construction using marine plywood will prevent your floor or kitchen walls from rotting and deforming.


  • Good water resistant
  • Surface finish and dimensional stability
  • Flexibility
  • Uniform strength to weight ratio.


  • Price, it is more expensive

Bottom line

In order for one to achieve all this, one has to do research to make sure you choose the right dealer that will not only offer you top notch quality plywood but also trustworthy.

Design the plywood requirements adequately by opting for thin and less expensive materials for the tasks that do not require the use of A-grade plywood.

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