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7 creative ideas for your personalized baby shower invitation or wedding invitation in 2022

Personalized baby shower invitation or wedding invitation

Mandatory passage of a baby shower invitation or wedding, sending announcements and invitations discover today 10 creative ideas for personalized baby shower invitation or wedding invitations around photography and creative hobbies because marriage is not all about formalities.

  1. It takes a breath to get started!

Ideal for giving a festive and good-natured tone to your ad, the printed balloon announcement that only reveals the baby shower invitation or wedding date once inflated. Pastels, pearlescent, or in the colors of the baby shower invitation or wedding (if they are already chosen), the balloons are printed with a design or a text to download. You just have to insert the balloon in your card stock, held by masking tape or a pretty ribbon.

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  1. Photo garland

Do you care about making your invitations yourself? If you are a DIY fan and want to get started designing your 100% handmade baby shower invitation or wedding invitations, here is an idea that should inspire you!

It is about making a garland with photos of your couple and the details of the party to announce the good news. First, choose a model of small boxes for the template; choose the photos you are going to use, and then print stickers that correspond to this format (for example 4 cm or 9 cm). Then print the texts on thicker paper and cut out the circles with the help of a hole punch in the chosen format. Assemble everything with a pretty ribbon and arrange each garland in its small dedicated box before distributing it to your loved ones.

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Imagine the surprise of your families and friends when they take the garland out of its box!

  1. Announce the date in a photo!

The concept is simple: stage yourself in front of the lens with the date of the baby shower invitations or wedding (numbers, banner, etc.).

Take advantage of your half-day engagement photo-shoot with a professional photographer (or a friend who takes pretty photos, it also works) to imagine the craziest staging and invent a unique baby shower invitation or wedding invitation!

  1. 2 lovers, 1 baby shower invitation or wedding invitation, X possibilities…

You’re personalized girl baby shower invitation or wedding invitation from the montage of your best photo (s) and an announcement text? Smartphone offers nearly 400 different designs for your baby shower invitation or wedding invitations: of the simple card, 10x15cm or 15x21cm format, square or panoramic on high quality 300g paper on the front and back can be personalized

  • Traditional double or folded cards, portrait or landscape format, whose cover and interior are customizable to communicate all the baby shower invitation or wedding information
  • Via the luxury panoramic card, the 4YOU 4-fold fold-out card, or the luxurious 2Gether card,
  • All come with matching white envelopes.
  1. The casserole quiz

How about a personalized baby shower invitation or wedding invitation in the form of a game? Get married WITH WHOM? WHEN? OR? 

Some essential questions and answers in an ultra-simple paper folding those children will love and which will bring back many happy memories to others… Many models of ‘salt shaker’ or ‘paper casserole’ are to download free of charge from the internet in pdf or Photo-shoot format and to adapt in menus or table games.

  1. for film lovers

Fan of photos, you will undoubtedly like this original baby shower invitation or wedding invitation rolled up in a reel of film. Buy them empty in a silver photography accessories store and create the ‘film strip’ of your baby shower invitation or wedding via an internet template or simply decorate a strip of colored paper 3.5cm high by 20 to 30cm long which will unroll for your invited program of festivities. Personalize the exterior of the cartridge with masking tape and the recipient’s name. You are ready for the best role of your life!

  1. Retro invitations

Both vintage and trendy, the retro photo prints of your engagement shoot have a crazy charm!

Personalize them with mini heart or star stickers and write on the white edge with fine tip plastic markers. A pretty envelope in tracing paper or color: that’s it! You are iconic!

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