The Cities With the Most Congested Traffic

The traffic in many major cities is a nightmare, and there’s no way to avoid it. Congestion can be caused by construction or accidents, but sometimes the sheer number of people causes gridlock. If you’re unlucky enough to live in one of these cities with the most congested traffic, then you know how frustrating it is! This post will take a look at which cities have the worst traffic.

Los Angeles

LA car accident victims should look up a car accident injury attorney in Los Angeles. The car capital of the world has some serious congestion issues. With more than four million cars on its streets, it’s not surprising that LA drivers spend an average of 80 hours sitting in traffic each year. That time adds up to $351 per commuter in lost productivity and fuel wasted while idling.


This Russian city struggles with heavy snowfall throughout the winter season, making road conditions worse when it snows or rains. Long commutes are common for the 6.8 million people who live in Moscow, so if you’re one of them this might be why you were late to work this morning.

Santiago, Chile

The Chilean capital has a high number of motorcycles, which often weave in and out of traffic, adding to the congestion. The eight million residents all want different things from their commute, which creates tension on their roads. This is known as induced demand. A city may decide to widen its roads to accommodate more cars, but this only causes more people to drive.

San Francisco

The City by the Bay is home to roughly 3,000 startups that are constantly hiring, which means more people are moving there every day. The density causes some serious traffic problems, and it doesn’t help that the eight bridges and two tunnels connect the city to the East Bay. That’s a lot of cars!


This Chinese city is home to an astounding number of cars: 8 million! Though only one-third of Beijing’s drivers actually own their cars, they still need places to park them. And with such high demand for parking, some people have trouble finding space at their destination, which adds more time to their commute. It takes an average driver in Beijing up to 90 minutes just to get across town during rush hour!

New York City

New York City ranks 7th on the list, but if we evaluated it by boroughs, Manhattan and Brooklyn would take the first two spots. The former is home to Midtown Manhattan’s maze of one-way streets, while Brooklyn’s major roadways are often filled to capacity during rush hour. Once you factor in other New York City boroughs like Queens, Staten Island, and The Bronx, it should be no surprise that this city has some heavy traffic problems!


These are the cities with the worst traffic in the world. If you live in one of them, be sure to drive defensively and watch out for other drivers! If your commute is making your life miserable, it might be time to consider buying a place within biking or walking distance of work. You could also use public transit if there’s an option in your area. If none of these options are feasible alternatives to sitting in traffic, at least you have somewhere to look for legal advice!            

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