The Different Types Of Influencers That You Can Work With

Now you want to improve your marketing and work with influencers. Instagram influencers are becoming so popular because there are 200 million Instagram users that visit at least one business account each day. Keep reading to find out more about how to identify the perfect influencer for your next marketing campaign.

Define your goals

To find influencers you must first establish the goals of your campaign. The process of choosing the right influencer involves three steps.

Target Audience

To find the right influencer, it is important to determine your target audience. Make sure to research the age, gender, interests, and hobbies of the people your brand or product aims to attract through this campaign. It is important to identify an influencer who shares your values. Remember that even though the influencer may be 35, many of their followers could be 25 so it is important to remain flexible.


Before you reach out to influencers, it’s important that you establish a budget. Different types of influencers require different payments, both monetary and product-based. There are some influencers that charge more than others, and prices can vary depending on the media content. If you decide on a budget during your goal planning process you can narrow down the influencers that you would like to work with.

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When defining your goals, another important consideration is the timeline for your campaign. The urgency of the campaign may be overwhelming. This may make it difficult to reach certain influencers, who might take longer to respond. It is also worth considering whether your campaign is most effective at a holiday, discount, or other special dates or seasons. This is a crucial consideration to ensure that your campaign has the greatest success and you have the ability to find an influencer who can meet your deadline.

Different types and styles of influencers

Once you have established your main campaign objectives, selecting the right influencer is a matter of understanding the available options. This is where it is critical to recognize that just because someone has more followers does not mean that they will have a better campaign. Based on the number of followers, influencers are divided into five types.

Nano influencers are the influencers with the fewest followers. Their followers range from 1K to 5K, but it is important that they are not considered as low-value influencers. These influencers have high engagement rates, and they will most likely accept a non monetary incentive, such as the product.

Micro influencers tend to have more followers (5K-50K) and are more knowledgeable in their respective areas. While they may have created their account as a hobby, they might be more serious in their pursuit of being an influencer. They have high engagement rates and followers have faith in them. Although payment can be either non-monetary, or sometimes a fee for services rendered, it is often very modest.

Medium influencers also have more followers, between 50K-100K. We often see a shift in this stage. There is an expectation of monetary payments and some may even have a paid manager. These influencers will start to establish their account as an occupation and will aim to become more professional. However, engagement rates are still quite high.

The following base of macro influencers is large, with 100K- to 1M followers. They are professional, full-time influencers that are skilled in brand collaborations. They will ask for a manager’s fee and may offer monetary incentives. Their content may appear very professional, but engagement rates are much lower at this level.

Mega influencers are celebrities with more than 1M followers. These people have often become well-known for using social media to promote their brand. Their social media channels will be managed professionally by a manager. High fees and low engagement rates mean that there are high costs. Many of their followers believe that promotional content is fake.

Analyse profiles using an influencer-marketing platform

Now we see the importance of defining your goals in order to choose the right type of influencers. It is important to understand the pros and cons of each category so that you don’t make the common mistake, believing that the more popular the influencer, then the better.

These are the most common types of influencers. However, it is possible to work with a macro or nano influencer that has low engagement rates. To avoid this, you should consider working with an influencer marketing platform like Heepsy, to find influencers that you can trust will be suitable for your campaign.

Engagement rates

It is important to monitor the engagement rate for influencer accounts. The industry average is dependent on the number of followers, so more followers will be harder to manage. But, the higher the engagement rate, it is a sign of how connected an influencer is to their followers. It doesn’t matter what campaign goals you have, it’s important to reach followers that are fully invested in content from influencers. Not followers who just scroll along

Audience insights

Heepsy gives you a range of insights into the audience including age, gender, location and interests. This is vital to make sure that the audience you target matches your campaigns’ target audience.

You can also investigate audience authenticity metrics to find out if an influencer has genuine or fake followers.


This is a great start. We know that it can be exciting to launch a new campaign but we hope that you now see the importance of understanding different influencer types and their pros and cons.

To find out more, check out Heepsy, where you will find a variety of information that will help you to find the perfect social media influencers for your campaigns.

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