The Importance of Slippers: An Essential Footwear for Every Australian

A comfy pair of slippers is the best way for anyone to unwind after a long and hard day at work. Most commonly used for indoor wear, slippers are the best for comfort and warmth and even protection for the feet against the scorching summer heat. Commonly bought slippers are made of different materials, including leather or even sheepskin like the Ugg slippers.

During the global pandemic, as everyone was forced to stay at home, the slipper sales saw a surge in the country. According to many leading footwear manufacturers, this surge in demand isn’t likely to dwindle anytime soon. With the footwear market expected to grow its revenue in the coming years, there’s no doubt that slippers will contribute a significant amount to the 3 billion dollar market. With that being said, here are some of the reasons why many Aussies love wearing slippers:

  1. Several studies have shown how cold feet can lead to various symptoms of the common cold and the likes. So keeping the feet warm on a chilly night may not be such a bad idea after all. Cold feet can change the way the body fends off diseases and lead to running nose or susceptibility to disease-causing germs. Slippers can also keep the feet healthy and safe from other bacterial infections or fungal diseases. So don’t forget to wear them when using the pool, a spa or other public areas.
  2. Wearing slippers inside a home can lead to lesser chances of using the same footwear outside and transferring dirt into the home. Healthy cleaning habits like keeping the shoes outside and using slippers for indoor purposes will lead to a cleaner home.
  3. For those who love wearing socks at home, slippers can be a better alternative and a more comfortable option. Plus, it’ll keep the socks from wearing out or losing their durability over time.
  4. There’s a good chance that people can slip on the floors of the house, especially if it’s made of tiles or wood. Slippers have a firm grip on the floor surface and can reduce the risk of injury by tripping or slipping. Another good reason why slippers can be potentially beneficial for a trip to the toilet.

Slippers reduce the chances of swollen feet, especially for those working around the house all the time. Strain in the feet, lack of balance and limit to mobility can all be done away with by wearing the right pair of slippers in the house.

Thinking of Buying a Pair?

Having a few pairs of slippers is a fine addition to any wardrobe. But there are a few things to consider first before heading out to buy one. Here are some of them:

  1. The Material Of The Slippers: Leather is a common option for many Australians, but any high-quality material would do. Like the Ugg slippers, those made from sheepskin are also a good option for those seeking out an extra layer of warmth. Although the best materials don’t come cheap, one does not have to worry about inferior materials or the slippers wearing out in a few months.
  2. The Fit: There’s nothing more uncomfortable than slippers falling out every time it’s used. An improper fit will not only be uncomfortable all the time, but it can even be dangerous as it can increase the chances of tripping over. So before deciding to buy one, make sure to try it out first.
  3. Purpose of Use: Slippers are not just designed for indoor use; there are plenty of them made for outdoor purposes too. What’s more important than the purpose of the use is probably the surface that individuals will walk on using these slippers. And for those looking to use slippers inside the home, the grips of the sole need to be firm to reduce any chances of slipping on the smooth floor surface. If the house has carpets or a rough floor surface, any type of sole will do.

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