The latest range of Kubota Excavators

Whether you’re looking for new business opportunities in the construction business or want to give a boost to your site performance, Kubota offers the most comprehensive range of excavators. Starting from 0.8 tons up to 8.2 tons, they are available both in conventional swing and zero-turn radius models.

With improved safety, comfort, and affordability, Kubota is top-of-the-line with other competitors in the market. The extra delivers ultimate performance even in the toughest of conditions. The company enjoys the experience and expertise of developing power equipment. That’s the reason it enjoys the best-selling position among various market sectors it serves.

The two best-selling series of Kubota excavators are the KX series and the U series. KX comes with conventional swing models while U-series give you zero-tail swing models.

The KX series of Kubota excavators have a range of sizes from 0.8 to 8.2 tons. The customers enjoy the luxury comfort of the cabin and it has got multiple functions to meet every operator’s needs. For instance, the KX080-3S excavator has a luxury cab and has clever safety features that increase productivity and keep the operational cost to a minimum. Most of these models in the KX range have a powerful hydraulic engine with 3 pumps load-sensing hydraulic system that delivers power even in the toughest conditions. With such, you’re all set with a smoother handling system regardless of the bucket load. Besides, you can attach a whole lot of attachments without losing speed or performance. With a built-in auto-idle system, it reduces noise and provides fuel savings up to 10%. Other popular excavators in this range are KX057-4, KX016-4, KX040-4, and KX018-4.

The U series of Kubota has a lineup of 1.7 to 5.6 tons zero turn excavators that give outstanding performance even in congested areas. The U-series is among the best mini-excavators available in the market and are commonly used by excavator hire companies and established construction companies. Even the 1.7 tons sized model U17-3 has a powerful 17HP engine that gives outstanding reliability. With superior maneuverability, you will enjoy the maximum digging performance. With precision and power, everything is in your hands when you’re on the hot seat. The models in this range have a powerful well-balanced engine that can dig faster and harder in congested conditions. With this, you get premium operator convenience with all functions at your fingertips. With full suspension design, you’ll never feel any operator’s fatigue during a long hour’s job. The 2-speed travel switch allows for the operator’s convenience and comfort while providing enhanced control.

Excavators from Kubota are designed with the intent to keep servicing and maintenance a simple chore. With its consolidated components to one side, you don’t have a problem accessing engine components for servicing or checking lubricant levels.

For aligning with the demands of the industry, Kubota has unveiled new models including KX060-5, U56-6, and U50-5. These models come with the larger cabin and alongside, enhanced insulation and improved visibility are some of the standout features. The KX060-5 is now the largest machine by Kubota that offers a conventional tail swing and is ideal for heavier attachments.

Now that you’re well familiar with how Kubota excavators are versatile and efficient for a range of construction projects. So, are you ready to take charge and boost your performance at the site? Visit the Scoop Hire website for full information regarding Kubota excavators and hire options.

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