The thrilling game of cards: Rummy

Card games have been a part of everyone’s life in some way or the other. Whether it was festive evenings with family or parties with friends, card games are the neutral ground where everyone wants to win and the merriment increases with the number of people. Card games are a way of bringing together a group of strangers and adding fun to a gathering of friends. You don’t need a big setup or a lot of investment to play cards. All you need is a group of happy people and a couple of decks!

Playing and excelling at card games is not everyone’s cup of tea. Unlike a lot of games, rummy does not depend on luck and has to be played with various strategies and by keen observation. You get to know a lot about the cards of your competitors by observing which cards they are discarding and which cards they are picking up. The objective is to hide your intended sets and sequences and finish the game first. It requires patience and at the same time quick decision-making skills. Gamezy has made it possible to play these dynamic card games online. You can play anywhere and any time you want.

Playing rummy on Gamezy

Playing rummy on Gamezy is not only a lot of fun but also allows you a chance to win abundant cash prizes! Rummy is a game of skill has with practice you can participate in the games with a trivial entry fee and win bumper prizes. The online rummy game has the advantage of choosing the sakes of your game. If you are new to the game you can start by understanding the rules and watching a tutorial. Gamezy offers this guidance by providing a button on the top-right corner of the screen. You can click on “How to play?” and get an overview of the game.

How do you play rummy?

Every player is handed 13 cards at the start of the game including jokers. These cards should be lined up into a sequence or a set. Every turn, a player is expected to take the topmost card from the open or closed deck and discard a card on the open deck. The player who organizes his/her cards first and makes a declaration and wins the game. From lowest to highest, points are assigned by the number on the card commencing from two to ten, Jack, Queen, and King. The royals are 10 points each. The joker has no points but has immense value in the game. They can be used to make impure sequences. These are used to replace a card that might complete your sequence. There may be a printed joker that has come with the deck or a joker is assigned at the beginning of the game.

Depending on the number of decks being used, there is a variation for the 13 card rummy and 21 card rummy. There should be a minimum of one pure sequence in 13 card rummy and two pure sequences in 21 card rummy.

Playing rummy can be fun and with Gamezy you can even enjoy it with your friends. There are weekly tournaments with bumper cash prizes. Download rummy app and participate in this tournament to let the fun times begin!

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