Things You Should Avoid in the Shower

We spend a big chunk of our lives showering, and we all have our routines and rituals when in the shower. Just the act of taking a shower or a bath instills a sense of calm and cleanliness. It makes you feel better and fresher. However, we all do certain things in the shower that we must avoid at all costs, and we may be oblivious to the fact that we do these things. Read on to find about the things you should avoid while showering.

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Usage of Too Much Conditioner

We all want a good hair day. We all indulge in hair care products for this very reason. What hair conditioner essentially does is, provide treatment to the hair that it has been lacking. It makes your hair softer, thus easier to manage, and it removes dead cells, scalp sebum and cleanses your hair of all sweat.

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Unfortunately, a lot of people have a habit of using more conditioners and more frequently than advised. Using too much conditioner will damage your hair and make you prone to hair fall because it would weigh down your hair. In addition to this, your scalp and hair may become greasy quicker. Excessive use of conditioner should be avoided if you don’t want an unmanageable mane. 

Wash Your Scrubber Properly

Many people use scrubbers or loofahs in the shower as it scrubs off all dead cells on the body. They exfoliate and cleanse your skin and do it better than showering just with soap. However, Loofahs and scrubbers contain a lot of bacteria from your skin. Therefore, you must wash and rinse your bathing accessories to avoid any contact with bacteria. If not cleaned, rinsed, and dried properly, your loofahs and scrubber can become a factory of harmful bacterial growth, which may lead to a lot of infections and skin-related issues. 

Avoid Washing Your Face in the Shower

If you shower with hot water, you must avoid washing your face while simultaneously showering with hot water because hot water is dangerous for your face. After all, the facial skin is relatively delicate, and hot water can damage the epidermis layer of your face, causing dry and cracked skin because it strips it of its natural oils. Instead, wash your face in the sink with lukewarm or cold water. 

Avoid Using Body Wash and Soap Bars on Your Face

It may seem like a quicker and easier way to get done with your shower; however, this is one of the many mistakes people make. Using products that are not made for your face would only cause damage to it. It may dry out your skin and damage your cells. Instead, wash your face with plain water or use a face wash.

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Summing Up

Design your showering habits and rituals in a way that is beneficial for your body rather than damaging. Follow some of these tips to achieve better results when showering. 

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