Things you should consider related to Power supply of home

Following are some the important points which should consider while maintaining a good power supply at home:

1. Network connections

In times of networked home appliances and energy managers, you should consider where a network connection makes sense. For example on the electricity meter, on the heating system, on the television, in the kitchen and, for the networked doorbell, at the house entrance. Every device networked by cable reduces the WLAN load and creates bandwidth for smartphones, tablets, etc.

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2. In-house entertainment

In addition to the system in the living room, you also want to listen to the radio or enjoy music in other rooms. Radios and loudspeaker modules in the installation grid dimensions for wall mounting are practical for this. Even better: think about a permanently installed multiroom music distribution right from the start or have it prepared. In addition to data and telephone cables, audio lines from the technical room can also be laid in different rooms.

3. Charging mobile devices

In your new house, you can take precautions against ugly wall warts – the inevitable plug-in power supplies for smartphones and tablets.

There are now USB charging sockets into which you can plug your smartphone charging cable directly. Alternatively, some manufacturers also offer built-in charging docks. That puts the phone out of the way.

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4. Provide an e-car charging station

Even if you still drive a car with a combustion engine today – in new buildings you should set the course for the coming electromobility. A basic requirement for quick charging in your own garage is a separately secured high-voltage connection – comparable to the electric stove connection in the kitchen. If the installation is too expensive for you, then at least have cables with large cross-sections laid in the garage now.Read more about Tamilmv

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5. Outside lighting

The terrace should be pleasantly lit. Provide several light outlets, preferably on different sides. Sockets are also practical, for example for the electric grill and the cool box.

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Important: Make the power connections switchable so that you do not help out possible intruders with electricity. In the garden, lighting should at least be provided – for example with conduits.

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6. Surge protection

Sensitive electrical devices are not only at risk from a lightning strike. Other strong mains fluctuations can also be dangerous for sensitive electronic devices in the house.

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7. In case of doubt: conduits

Even with the best planning, the following applies: You cannot foresee everything. For future expansions of the electrical installation, however, retrofit-friendly conduits can be installed where technical development is particularly rapid – for example in TV systems or in-home cinemas, where a new picture or sound format appears every few years that requires new or additional cables.

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