Three Tips for Winning a Contested Divorce You Need to Know

Divorce is a fragile situation to overcome. Divorces are not as easy as they may seem because it rips people apart in shreds, affecting them financially and emotionally. However, when you and your partner do not agree on the terms of the divorce, it gives rise to a contested divorce. 

Through this post, we will throw some light on how you can win a contested divorce along with your divorce lawyers Monroe NC by your side. 

Tips for winning a contested divorce.

  • Creating a solid team: While dealing with divorce cases, you must always look for an attorney that is skillful and has a background in family cases. The lawyer that you must hire must have handled 80% of divorce cases. The reason is that your divorce lawyer will be aware of the laws and the legal proceeding that takes place in a divorce trial. 

Also, it is essential that you feel comfortable with your lawyer as they will be someone that will be there during the tough times in your case. If you don’t feel like you can share a safe space with your hired lawyer, we suggest you look for another lawyer.

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  • Securing your assets: During a contested divorce, people are so driven by negative emotion that they tend to do things which they should not be doing, like hiding their assets, spiking up credit card expenditures, not paying credit card bills, and more without rethinking about the consequences of it on their divorce procedure. One must keep calm and start collecting all the income tax bills, bank loan statements, credit card bills, etc. All of these aspects will help you build a solid case.
  • Choose your words wisely: One of the aspects that people tend to neglect is that they continue to talk to their ex-spouse. This is something which you should stop. You should cut all your ties with your ex, and if any communication is to happen, it should occur in the presence of your Divorce lawyer. The reason is that you might end up speaking up about something that you shouldn’t speak or disclose in front of your ex-spouse. They might use it against you in court. So talk your words wisely.

These are some important tips that you must take care of to win a contested divorce. Also, make sure that you consult your divorce lawyer at all times before doing something, as your divorce attorney will guide you through all the situations.

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