Tips: How to choose and wear a hoodie?

We’re going to look at a piece that hasn’t really been talked about: the sweatshirt also known as the hoodie. Just for jogging! I only wear it on Sundays to keep for afternoons on the couch. Although a bit rascal

There’s a lot of prejudice against this dress, but like all the ungrateful pieces in our locker room, it’s only a matter of time before it shows its potential. It’s usually the same story: luxury brands are taking over, certainly making the hoodie an ultra-profitable piece, but helping to democratize it. Small designers are also involved: hoodies are designed to be more sophisticated and versatile. We’re far from the only champion model, and that’s fine, there’s something for everyone. So, how to choose Best Replica Off White hoodie?  You can learn here.What are the standards to be followed? Moreover, why does it not look like a mentally handicapped teenager wearing it?

Who can wear a hoodie?

There’s no age limit to wearing a hoodie. Really, I insist. For a mature man, the choice of refined materials is paramount: despite the simplicity of the piece, they convey a certain sophistication.

How to choose a hoodie?

Basic Quality

You really can’t cheat with a hoodie. The piece is still a priori: pick a piece of approximate quality and you may send back the wrong image. A good hoodie starts with good cotton. Look for materials that are denser and slightly more compact than average: they will hold up better over time and will drape more beautifully. Flip the dress over to see the loops, which is a good indicator. A priori, the more regular they are, the neater the dessert (with the exception of artisanal materials.

Correct clip

Opinions are divided on this. For some, a well-fitting sweatshirt is a must. It’s a way to break up his sometimes overlooked side; a well-tuned cut provides a cleaner finish. Personally, I like my hoodie to be comfortable to wear. Fit of course, but most importantly not tight, I want the relaxed spirit of it. In any case, avoid overly clipping and oversized models, at least initially. While they may have a genuine interest in streetwear, it’s best to buy a hoodie before trying it on.

Let’s talk about colors!

Not surprisingly: blue, gray, and burgundy are the easiest colors to pick up on. They can be worn with chunky jeans or with burgundy chinos or beige flannel pants. If you want to steer clear of tracksuit sizes (to a degree, obviously), I recommend avoiding the white drawstring on the hood. Instead, check out tonal finishes. It’s also an opportunity to try something new, so why not wear a khaki hoodie? This would be a great way to bring in originality without being difficult to wear.

With or without zip code?

One-piece or zip-up hoodie? It’s a real matter of taste. If I had to think about versatility, I’d steer you toward using the zipper model more: you’ll be more free to do layered styling. We can imagine it being worn over a thin sweater, shirt or more natural tee. It’s also an opportunity to play with colors. A classic fit (no zipper) will give a more pronounced activewear/streetwear look, especially if it has kangaroo pockets. This is also very useful! It’s just as fun, just less generic.

How does one wear a hoodie?

People are very interested in wearing hoodies. First, it was originally designed for sports: you will never find it more comfortable, which makes it perfect for relaxing times. So it’s a nice way to relax. Just pay attention to the general appearance, which can be “sad”.

Offset formal dress with a hoodie

Wearing a hoodie with a formal-inspired look brings an unexpected form that contrasts strongly with the shirt. With such a strong contrast, it’s best to stay sober in color. As always, the blue/white association is infallible. In the same style, we can even imagine a hoodie replacing a blazer in a casual-chic outfit: formal shirts and tiny knits + jeans or chinos + hoodies. The impact changes completely, but the whole remains coherent.

Some go a step further and pair a hoodie with a blazer. In my opinion, the contrast is too much in this case. Wear a shirt yes, but certainly not a jacket. There’s so much information, I don’t know where to look first.

Incorporate a hoodie into a casual look

You can wear a hoodie/flannel pants combo, which you can pair with a pair of little white sneakers to echo the origin of the piece. For a smarter size, a classy coat is ideal. It shapes the silhouette and breaks up the loose side of the sweatshirt to create interesting volume.

Hoodie with streetwear

Keep away from Fake off white hoodie. I’ll keep it short on purpose in this section, Vianney has covered this topic well in our article on how to master streetwear. Clearly, sweatshirts – a combination of all categories – are inextricably linked to this style.

Today, here is a trend in the street world: put on your oversized hoodie and layer it over a long T-shirt to make you stand out. The suite consists of a denim jacket or bomber jacket, usually paired with jeans or cargo.

Sportswear that doesn’t seem to leave the room

One of the associations we can spontaneously make is a hoodie/sweatpants. If you like these effects, why not!

In this case, just make sure both pieces have a supportive cut, especially the trousers, which have to be adjusted.

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