Tips to Ace Class 12 Physics

Class 12 Physics is often a nightmarish subject for many students. However, some students love Physics and enjoy studying it.  Whichever kind of student you are, with some tips and tricks, we can assure you that preparation for the Class 12 CBSE Physics Board exam won’t be a pain in your neck. 

  • Have an idea of what you are getting into: 

This step should be done at the start of your academic year. You need to have an idea about the syllabus, chapters’ weightage, and the difficulty level of each chapter. At this point, you must also collect some sample papers and previous years’ question papers to practice with them as you move further along in your studies. In short, have all the resources you need to study the entire year ready to go from the beginning itself. Do not wait for exams to approach closer to look for question papers, revision notes, and important questions. Also, you must understand that your major focus for the entire year should be on the NCERT Books for Class 12 Physics. If you are thorough with the Part 1 and Part 2 NCERT Physics books, you will surely score high marks in your exams.

  • Do not cram: 

Cramming without understanding is not considered the ideal way to learn any subject. Especially for a subject like Physics, you must understand the concepts as you will need to apply these concepts to reasoning-based questions as well as numericals. So make efforts to understand the content of the textbook. Ask your teachers any doubts that you have on a topic. You can also refer to credible videos and websites that provide you with easy-to-understand explanations for Physics. But make sure that your base is strong in Physics. Once you understand the topics, you will enjoy Physics and not feel intimidated by it.

1. Use smart study aids:

 Use handmade notes, flashcards, and color-coded post-its to help learn the important formulas and key terms. Research shows that learning with color-coded notes helps you retain the information more strongly. So make notes for different topics using different colors. Keep the flashcards someplace where you can take a glance at them every once in a while. Looking at them often will help you to never forget the information mentioned in them

2. Repetition is the key: 

Class 12 Physics is a vast subject with numerous formulas and derivations to memorize. Thus repetition is key here. You must dedicate at least 30 minutes daily to revise the formulas and derivations learned to date. These should come instinctively to you during the exam. Hence repeat them often to ingrain them in your subconscious intellect.

  • Teach what you learn: 

One of the most effective ways to retain something is to teach it to others. Whatever you learn daily, make sure that you teach it to someone in the simplest and most basic form. Think of it as teaching complicated Physics to a 7-year-old. Explain the concepts you learned in the plainest and the most straightforward ways, simplifying difficult terms as you teach. This is a scientifically-backed technique called the Feynman Technique. Try it for yourself and see what wonders it does to your learning.

3. Keep an active mind: 

Physics can be a tedious subject to study. So take a few relaxing breaks in between each study session. Do not study Physics for 3-4 hours straight. Take a break and do something that takes your mind off your studies. Alternatively, study Physics with an easier subject like English in between.

4. Stick to the basics: 

Do not go about hunting for different reference books and tons of study resources. This will scare and burden you unnecessarily. What you need to do is stick mainly to your NCERT Textbook, solve numerous question papers from the past 5 years, and then if you have time go through one reference book at the most.

  • Divide and conquer:

The Physics exam has three important aspects namely theory, derivations, and numerical questions. During your revision, practice derivations from the past 5 years’ question papers. These may help you get as much as 25 marks in the exam. Also, your theory from the NCERT textbook must be on point for the exam. Make sure your concepts are clear and important information memorized. If your theory is clear, you will be able to apply the concepts naturally to the numerical questions in the exam.  Numericals can help you score a good 15 marks in the exam. Just like derivations, practice numericals from sample papers and previous years’ question papers as much as you can.

The above-mentioned tips will help you gain the most benefit from your preparation. However, this preparation will be of no use to you, if you can’t replicate your understanding and practice in the answer sheet. So as a bonus, we bring to you some things to take care of in the exam such that you score full marks in the Physics exam. Yes, you read that right. It is possible to score perfect marks in Class 12 Physics board exams if your answer sheet is up to the mark. To do this, keep the following pointers in mind during the exam.

  • Retain your composure: 

Firstly, keep a calm and composed demeanor as you begin your exam. Read the question paper twice. Mark the questions that you are sure of and begin with them. If you see questions that appear difficult, do not panic. Come back to these questions later.

  • Write to impress: 

While writing the answers, understand that you need to impress the examiner with your answer sheet. So write accordingly. Even if you do not know too much, make sure that the answer sheet looks impressive. Ensure that your answers are neat and well-written

  • Highlight the formulas: 

The examiner has several answer sheets to correct, make sure that yours has an edge. Highlight formulas or put them in boxes so that they stand out and are easily spotted by the examiner.

5.Draw relevant diagrams:

If a certain question has a relevant diagram, draw it if you have time even if it is not asked in the question. This shows your knowledge about the topic.

  • Write in bullet points: 

For theoretical questions write answers in well-organized bullet points. This is not an English exam that you need to write passages and show off your language skills. The Physics examiner will look for neat and crisp points written systematically.

  • Don’t skip steps in numerical questions: 

Students tend to skip crucial steps in numerical questions to save time. Do not do this. You might end up losing valuable marks if the examiner has to look for missed steps.  

Follow these tips to a tee and we can guarantee you a perfect score in the Class 12 Physics Board examinations.

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