Top 10 Features of a Smartwatch

Let’s talk today about the progress in the world of watches. It’s no secret that a watch is no longer just a tool showing what time it is, but a multifunctional device. In another way, they are also called smart watches.

But due to the fact that this gadget appeared quite recently, it raises many questions: what is it, why is it needed, what is it intended for, what functions it has and how to use it correctly. And in this article, we will analyze, we can say, put on the shelves all the information about smartwatches that is at the moment.

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Smart watch: what it is and what they can do

A smart watch or smart watch is a multifunctional gadget with which you can find out not only the time, but also who called you or how many steps you took today. And this is just a small part of what they know how to do. If you want to get a good and quality watch, then without wasting any time go for Huawei watch g2  as it’s the best in smart watch industry.

We can say that this is your coach, personal assistant and assistant in one pocket.

So, what does a smartwatch do?

1. Show time and date

Well, actually, where can we go without it. Still, despite the fact that they are smart, they are first of all watches, so showing the current time is their sacred duty.

2. Show notifications that come to your phone

This is the first function for which this watch fell in love, because thanks to it you can see who called or wrote to you without taking your phone out of your pocket or purse. Agree that this is a very convenient option, especially if you are currently driving, playing sports, or simply busy and cannot physically get your phone.

3. Remind you of scheduled calendar events

Yes, and this watch can do that. If you’ve added a note or event to your calendar, then this watch will surely remind you of it. Again, you don’t need to take out your phone, everything will be reflected on your screen.

4. Set up basic watch functions such as alarm, stopwatch and timer

A very useful function for athletes during training, since sometimes it is necessary to measure, and it is not at all necessary to deliver the phone, because everything can be done with the help of a wristwatch.

5. Shows physical activity

The smartwatch can track the number of steps, distance traveled, heart rate, calories burned, and even mugs of water drunk.

Some models, in addition to the tracking function, are able to determine the start of a workout and the number of approaches, and also warn you that activity has dropped, for example, if you have not got up from a chair for a long time (a very relevant option for office workers

6. Determine GPS or your location

Simply put, smartwatches track your movement on the map and show it on the screen. A very useful function for drivers, children and people who have difficulty navigating in space.

This feature has found its full-fledged implementation in smartwatches for children. In them, this option became a “beacon” for parents about where their child is now.

7. Make mobile payments

Yes, of course, payments from a smartphone are no longer news in our time, so the manufacturers of smartwatches decided to keep up and add this feature. Now you can pay not from your phone, but directly from your wristwatch. However, this option is not available on all models.

8. Launch the voice assistant

Everything here is like in any phone – they said “okay Google” and give the task which needs to be done. Of course, not everyone dares to talk to a watch, but this is a very useful and convenient feature.

9.Can make a call

With the help of smart watches, you can easily call and talk with any subscriber, that is, use them as an independent device, and not as an addition to the phone. However, this function is not available in all models, but only in those with a SIM card and their own operating system.

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10. Works as phone tracker

This feature appeared in smartwatches quite recently, but has already won the love of millions of users.

What does it give? Yes, everything is really simple: by setting this option, you will never forget your phone while visiting, at home or in a restaurant, since as soon as you move a certain distance from the smartphone, the watch will receive a signal in the form of vibration.

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