Top 6 Best Mobile Poetry Apps 

Mobile Poetry Applications (Apps) can help poetry writers, readers and editors better inspire the world with words. From poems and stories to haikus, blogs or for any creative writing requirement, a Mobile Poetry App is sure to help.

Below we feature the Best Top 6 Mobile Poetry Apps to keep your words flowing:

  • Miraquill 

The Miraquill Mobile Poetry App serves to connect writers, poets and readers across the world on one platform. App users can write and edit their work directly on the App and then share your creative work with other community members. 

Users can also attempt the daily writing challenges that help writers and poets to grow and learn from the vast community of writers, poets and readers on board this App.

Having completed their writing users can create visually appealing posts using this App with beautiful images, fonts and quotes to make your work shine. 

Users can read and comment on the work of other members and make meaningful connections that make your words more impactful. If you have something on your mind users can jot it down or save that idea for later and if you publish a book you can get a status badge as well. 

App users can also use their Miraquill profile as their protofilis as its easily sharfabel and this App speaks English, French, German, Hindi, Urdu and more.

1. Poems 

For poets keen to discover the work of other great poets, the Poems Mobile Poetry App features the work of over 300 renowned poets with a fast and responsive interface.

Users can read over 35,000 poems and save and bookmark their favourites as well. Users can also share their work with friends and this App even works in offline mode. Get inspired about your next poetry theme by reading some of their greatest poems ever written, all in one place.

  • The Poetics

If you need a quote, the Poetics Mobile Poetry App features over 100,000 quotes that are sure to have something for you. The quotes are divided into various categories and sections and no matter your mood or theme, there is bound to be a quote that matches just what you were thinking about with over 100 poets, artists and famous personalities. 

This Android App Development also provides daily quotes for reading and users can customize the type of daily quotes they would want to receive. App users can save their favourite quotes and even save the artworks onto their devices as well. 

Users can change the theme of the App depending on their mood and also set alerts so you receive daily quotes as required. Users can search and swipe through and see details about the author as well and even choose fonts. The premium version of this App offers access to more value added quote related content. 

  • Poetizer

The Poetizer Mobile Poetry App is your one stop App for all things poetry. App users can read and draft their poems. Share their thoughts and receive feedback from other App users to help improve or simply discuss further.  

The App allows users to create and populate their profile and then write, save, edit and share their work, all from one place. Users can also discuss poetry related themes or topics with the large community of readers, writers and poets.

Whatever theme or topic you choose, the online community of the Poetizer Mobile Poetry App is welcoming, judgment free and dedicated to helping everyone from everywhere improve.

All your precious work is always saved on the cloud so no worries and you can sync this App Development across all your devices so whenever you feel like writing wherever you may be, you can do so. With over one million poems and plenty of daily new entries users can discover and be inspired about their next work. 

  • JotterPad

The Jotterpad Mobile Poetry App allows users to write in plain syntax or formatted text as they wish. If you are bothered by constantly having to format your work, this App helps you just plain write without seeing how your final work will appear. 

You can easily write offline and sync all your files across all devices meaning you can write anywhere and anytime. Users can now instantly publish whatever you’ve written directly to major publishing platforms without worrying about formatting. 

The Jotterpad Mobile Poetry App adds value with a dictionary, thesaurus, advanced search function, different themes for times of the day, a night light, rhyming dictionary and more.  

  • Rhyme Time

With over 100,000 words at your fingertips, the Rhyme Time Mobile Poetry Android App Development helps you connect words that match and sound good. Users can find out what words go together and rhythm and also get their definitions and pronunciations as well. This App is used by singers and songwriters as well to give their creations more word power. 


A Mobile Potery App will help you express yourself more creatively  and confidently so you can share your love for words with everyone from everywhere. Download A Mobile Poetry App and get writing today!

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