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Convenience has encouraged people to use an increasing variety of smartphone applications to get things done fast. In fact, the success of on-demand mobile apps is mostly due to their simplicity of use.

On-demand mobile apps provide consumers with a full platform for providing services within the reach of their arms.

While on-demand applications are getting more popular and approaching their peak, food delivery and restaurant apps are gaining popularity. Perhaps it is for this reason that many businesses have chosen to create restaurant service firms that enable consumers to enjoy their favorite means at their leisure, effortlessly.

Consumers may access a choice of meals to order via a mobile app with only a few simple taps on their smartphone.

Here are five fantastic meal ordering apps that deliver meals to customers.


Arzagplus is a تطبيق مواد غذائية that aims to deliver foods to customers as soon as possible. Although not limited to food delivery also provide مواد غذائية بالجملة,  this program works well for customers who want to obtain meals from restaurants that do not provide home delivery in their area.

The symbiotic process benefits riders who act as deliverers, delivering orders to users and earning money for each delivery.

In such a case, the user just has to locate the location of their preferred restaurant and select a local deliverer to pick up their orders and deliver them to the specified address.


Yelp was one of the first food discovery apps for the iPhone, and its frequent updates and necessary UI changes have kept it ahead of the competition.

The Yelp application is designed to let consumers access all of the functional components accessible on the company’s website.

Writing and posting meal reviews, connecting other foodies to your Yelp social network, discovering restaurants, access to menus, location, and phone numbers are all part of it.


Simply Food is one of the best places to discover excellent healthy restaurants to order a meal.

It enables users to browse through regularly updated menus, see restaurant and cuisine pictures, and learn about other customers’ ratings. It simplifies and reduces the cost of ordering meals. One may simply choose a restaurant to order from or use a map to find the nearest restaurants.

One of the unique features of Eat99 is that it provides health and nutritional statistics for each and every meal.


One of the most entertaining smartphone apps for sharing recipes with friends, family, and everyone in your social network. This program facilitates a symbiotic connection in which users may help their fellow Frimb members in sharing healthy culinary recipes.

Frimb features a one-of-a-kind feature that alerts users as a reminder to cook the selected meal. Users may bookmark the recipe creating day and add it to their social calendar after signing in with their social account.

Five OH

Five OH has a fresh concept for finding meals that are within your budget. Because it was never this easy to choose your favorite meal from a restaurant that fits your budget, or to say, the ones that can be delivered for less than $5.

FiveOH is one such meal discovery app that enables you to select a budget for supper and assists you in finding it.

FiveOH also makes it easy to discover restaurants by providing relevant information such as operating hours, cuisine, customer reviews, location, and phone number.


Tender, often known as the “Tinder for food,” offers you with food images as well as recipes from all around the world. It has taken many features from the popular dating app Tinder. As an example. You may save the recipe by swiping right, or you can skip it by swiping left.

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