Types of Wedding Cake Toppers to Try

The wedding cake/gateau must taste as good as it looks. Your wedding is once in a lifetime ceremony, and you must ensure that the cake looks and tastes fantastic. And in a wedding, everyone looks for the cake toppers on the wedding cake because it is what makes every cake unique.

Sure, your wedding cake maker can add a few more flowers to the top of your gateau, or you can leave it plain, but everyone prefers the concept of adding a special touch that will become a keepsake and family heirloom for future generations. Many options are available, whether you want to go classic or choose an unusual wedding cake topper.

The article lists the most popular toppers for wedding cakes. Read on to discover the range of designs and ideas people prefer on their wedding cakes, especially the designs on top.

The Classic Couple

This is the epitome of traditional wedding cake toppers, and it may give your wedding confection a vintage feel. A wonderfully classic wedding cake topper is a couple standing side-by-side or embracing in their wedding finery. You may buy one at numerous antique stores or flea markets, or you can even reuse a family heirloom. This gateau topper looks especially good on an all-white wedding cake or one with only a few fresh or sugar flowers.

Laser Cut

This is one of the most popular wedding cake toppers right now, with cut-out calligraphed inscriptions (typically in gold). This topper is a terrific way to personalise your wedding day even more, whether the words spell out your initials, a monogram, or a statement (“Just Married” or “Best Day Ever” are particularly popular). Any cake design benefits from calligraphy since it offers an exquisite and fanciful touch.


This is a fantastic option if you enjoy creative toppers. For a funny/cute variation on the traditional, a pair of animals (typical figurines made of wood, plastic, or china) represent the couple. Anything from bears to birds, owls to bunnies, dogs, cats, deer, and other animals. Why not honour your love of animals by placing it atop your wedding cake?

A Bunting

Are you planning a relaxed wedding with a rustic or shabby chic theme? Bunting gateau toppers are famous for casual occasions and buttercream-frosted cakes. These toppers are composed of burlap or fabric flags, and they can be personalised with a message (the word “Love” is common). They can provide a splash of colour to an otherwise plain wedding cake for a meagre cost.

Wire toppings

If you’re having your wedding at an industrial-chic venue (which is trendy these days! ), a wire gateau topper will go right in. The wire (which is usually gold or silver) can be bent to form different words or designs.

A pair of pictures

Place two images (of the bride and groom, bride and bride, or groom and groom) side-by-side for another contemporary and creative wedding cake topper idea. It’s so basic, but it creates a big impression at a laid-back wedding reception. Polaroid-style photographs will give your project a nostalgic feel.

These are the best ideas for your wedding cake toppers, and make sure you communicate your requirements to the baker properly so that they can make the exact design/model you imagined.

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