Understanding the Operation of Heat Press Machine

Images, designs and colored letters can nowadays be printed on different materials like clothes, utensils and so on. The machine responsible for this work is called a heat presser. It basically uses scientific principles of heat and pressure. This article spotlights this machine, how it works and its maintenance.

Overview of the heat press

The machine comes with array of assortments to suit all the needs of printing graphic designs and images on different materials. It has quite a number of attachments which go hand in hand with the whole body. By regulating heat and pressure from the device, the following parts synchronized together produce very quality results.

Pressure adjustment knob

Just as the name suggests, this knob is used to control the amount of pressure used to push the image to be transferred onto the fabric of the garment. The transfer paper with the graphic image or design is placed on the garment to be transferred, then the machine exerts pressure on the paper transferring the image. Rotating the knob clockwise increases pressure and vice versa decreases the pressure.

Temperature and time control panel

Depending on the material of the transfer paper, a considerable amount of temperature and duration is used. Heat is meant to sublime the image from the sticker onto the fabric in use as time is the factor that allows complete transfer. For a thick color and high density image, more heat will be set alongside with time. Different companies will place this panel at different positions but clearly indicated.

Control arm

This is a very essential part whose function ensures successful transfer of images or writings. It closes and opens the bottom and top heat platens. The heat platens are plates onto which the garment and paper are placed on. The arm the closes, holding the two tightly in such a manner the image will be successfully transferred without interactions.

Reset button

Also called a breaker switch. Although the machine is automated, there are chances of an overload in electric power. This if not well tamed may lead to machine distraction or malfunction. The reset button solves this by popping out when the serge of power is higher than required. To reset, one only presses in the button and the machine resumes to normalcy.

Power switch

Just like any other electrical gadget, the heat press machine also has power switch and a cord. The cord taps power from a socket source and feeds it into the machine. The switch is then turned to the on position in order to work, and off when not in use. The power cord needs to be shielded from burning from the heat produced by the machine.

Important tips

Cold or hot peel

Different transfer papers need to be peeled off the garment or vessel at different temperatures. You should therefore understand the paper you are using to avoid leaving stains on the garment.

Size of the garment

The graphic design or image need not to be larger than the garment. For this, fit properly the size of your graphic to your material size.


Some transfer papers will leave debris or plastic residues that will stain other works to follow. To curtail this, use one of the numerous protection sheets, to protect both the machine and garment.


Every manufacturer of a heat press produces also a user’s manual. By keenly following the explained procedures and instructions, very desirable and quality results are obtained.

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