Unit Economics Estimation: A Great Way To Evaluate Start-up Business

In the 1990s the concept of unit economics appeared to resolve the profit-making issues of businesses. The overall evaluation by unit economics metrics, make financial operations of ecommerce businesses more viable. As a result, you get the scope to gain sustainable revenue growth for your business.

The whole concept of unit economics allows start-up companies to utilize a smart business algorithm to analyse the cash flow. And the core evaluation of financial output and investment make the business owners familiar with greater revenue-making factors.

The unit of economics can vary as per the nature of businesses. For airlines businesses, the unit of economics can be the seat soldering parameters. Similarly, for a SaaS business, customers are considered as units. Thus, the unit economics calculator provides a useful prediction about the revenue that can be achieved from the customer’s lifetime.

This type of business revenue estimation concept makes the start-up businesses aware of the profit estimation. And this is mandatory to understand if the individual customer-driven profit amount can be high than the acquiring cost of a customer. If yes, then this concept helps a lot to start-up businesses to get a strong foundation.

It will be better to understand, while you try to estimate the profit amount before fixing the customer acquisition costs.

How the estimation impacts the Ecommerce Business Growth Evaluation

·       It Let You Compare Different Profit-making Business Models

Sometimes, you notice such an incompatible business model, which results in a high amount of customer acquisition costs. It is high than the revenue amount you receive from them, then your business can not grow properly.

In this case, you should know about the UE model, which helps you to investigate the causes of less revenue amount and lack of business maturity. You should consider the agendas of the marketing investment, products, delivery systems and also the subscription models. All these things let you cast another model for making your ecommerce business profitable and extensive.

·       It Implements Data-driven Business Algorithm

For every business, it is very significant to set some financial strategies to maintain a healthy investment in the marketing segment. Sometimes, the whole process becomes very complicated. But familiarity with two units of economic calculation metrics – LTV and CAC can resolve your problems.

If you implement the ideal ratio of LTV and CAC = 3:1, then you can grab the opportunity to earn from individual customers almost 3x the amount of the expenditure, which has been invested to acquire them. Following this ideal ratio, if you cannot earn this amount from them, then you should consider cutting down your investment amount on them.

·       It Helps For Better Financial Planning

Though the UE model is not the ultimate solution, core revision helps your business to alter the effective and promising business models. You need to select the models as per the individual circumstances or price rising. Also, your business needs potential planning for ultimate growth.

·       It also Attracts the Investors

Unit economics also works like a slot machine, which drops a coin on the top of the machine and after rolling it reflects the profit at the bottom edge. Similarly, the investors always prefer the UE model to judge how the businesses can get profits on a long term basis.

How to Estimate the Economics of “One Unit”?

There are two major pathways for getting the measurement of a single unit. Generally, how a business uses its unit. While your business defines the unit based on a single sale, then contribution margin plays a vital role. This margin defines the total revenue from the single sale, which also justifies the variable cost associated with the sales. The formula of contribution margin reflects the measurement like this: Price Per Unit -Variable Cost Per Unit.

The most important factor is while the unit is defined by a single individual customer, then you need to track CAC and LTV ratio as a common metric. Furthermore, the unit cost definition represents the whole expenditure of the production, sales and store segment of an ecommerce business firm. And the measurement scale of the unit represents the cost of sold goods.

What Factors Simply Influence Unit of Economics?

# Fixed Cost

This type of cost never varies with the profit output or sales volume. For example, employee salaries, office costs, certain technology costs and intellectual property costs.

# Variable Cost

Variable costs have a direct relationship with the sale of a single unit of the products or services of a business firm. For instance, cost of sold goods, shipping cost, products packaging costs, and overall investment costs for ecommerce business approaches.


At last, the whole discussions make me understood that the metrics required to implement the calculator of unit economics. You need to ensure how investors get confidence that any business firm can earn a lot of money executing the standard financial agendas for investment.

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