Upgrade your lounge for less with these must-haves

A full room refresh might feel tempting right now, especially if you are looking at the same walls day-in, day-out, but that’s going to require a big budget and a lot of effort. Instead, why not freshen up your living room by adding a few new key pieces and accessories that will change the look and feel, without breaking the bank? Read on to find out what your lounge can’t live without.

The statement rug

Natural fibres and deep piles are both looking popular this year – if the Feefo reviews of Next are anything to go by – and nobody is angry about it, because both can be picked up for a reasonable price. Gone are the days when only a pure wool rug (which was impossible to clean!) would do; now, the sisals, jutes and even synthetic shags are back in town.

Perfect for hiding carpet that you’re no longer crazy about or simply adding in some textural diversity, a statement rug can make an enormous difference to a tired lounge and inject much-needed personality too.

Mood-enhancing lamps

If you’re still making do with a main light and nothing else, now’s the time to get cosy. Investing in a few table lamps, even super small ones, will help you to create a happier ambience in your home and honestly, everything looks different by romantic lamp light. Placing one near a window will give your home a welcoming aesthetic from outside and having a couple near sofa arms offers practicality.

Don’t think of lamps as old fashioned, as you can inject a lot of personality and fun with your choice of shades. If you are thinking of introducing a new accent colour into your lounge, this is an easy and effective way to do so.

Mount your art

Framing your posters and art collection is one thing, but taking the time to have custom mounts cut is another. Thick cardboard mounts will not only frame your treasured pieces beautifully, they add a luxe vibe to your wall hangings too. As a bonus, they can also be made in any colour, shape and size. This is an evolution of your display stylings. First, you started with Blue Tack on the walls, then it was Ikea frames and now, you need mounts to finish the look.

You could take your art one step further by adding frame lights as well. Subtle illumination devices, the lights clip to the top or bottom of a frame and shine a directional beam at your favourite pieces, so they are the stars of your walls.

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Invest in a diffuser

Candles are pretty, but a fire risk and reed diffusers are often overpowering, but an essential oil diffuser is the perfect way to add some gorgeous scents to your living room. You simply plug it in, fill with water to the marked line and drop in some of your favourite oil. Sit back and relax in your cosy lounge as the diffuser emits a fragrant mist – which doubles as a humidifier!

Diffusers are seriously popular right now and come in a wide range of aesthetically pleasing incarnations from faux wood to ceramic. Their modern designs mean that they look like little art installations when not in use. You can also use them for holistically improved health, as there are migraine-relieving oil blends and even sleepy baby blends that you can use.

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You don’t need to spend a fortune to make your lounge look and feel a million times more inviting. Just remember to add new colours slowly and to edit as you go, because sometimes, less is more. If you’re adding something new, you might benefit from taking a few outmoded pieces away.

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